Top 20 Best Secondary Schools in Lagos State

Top 20 Best Secondary Schools in Lagos State


Lagos State is the economic powerhouse of Nigeria, bustling with life, culture, and a vibrant populace. Often referred to as the “New York of Africa”, Lagos is the most populous city in Nigeria and is recognized for its significant economic activity and colorful cultural life. Because of the vibrant nature of the state, Lagos has attracted numerous educational institutions.


If you are a resident of Lagos State or are considering Lagos for secondary education, you’re in the right place. Despite the hustle and bustle, Lagos boasts of some of the top-notch secondary schools in Nigeria, but like any other state, it has its fair share of schools to be cautious about.

Our ranking of the top 20 best secondary schools in Lagos state has been determined through various factors, including their performance in competitions, infrastructure, quality of teaching, discipline, and much more.

In Lagos, private secondary schools generally offer a higher standard of education, although there are exceptional public schools that break this norm.

When making such an important decision about your child’s education, reviews and detailed insights are invaluable. We have compiled this list based on comprehensive research and review.

For those who have kids transitioning from primary to secondary education and have the financial capability, considering a private institution in Lagos might be a wise choice. Here are the top 20 secondary schools in Lagos State for potential enrollees:

List of Top 20 Best Secondary Schools in Lagos State

  1. Corona Secondary School

2. Chrisland International Schools

3 Greensprings School

4. Children International School

5. Grange School

6. Meadow Hall

7. British International School, VI

8. American International School

9. Rainbow College

10. Dowen College, Lekki

11. Lekki British International School

12. Atlantic Hall

13. New Hall International School

14. Vivian Fowler

15. Lagoon School

16. Avi-Cenna International School, Ikeja

17. Whitesands School Lekki

18. Grenville International School, Ikeja

19. Temple School, Ikeja

20. Kings College, Lagos

Top 20 Best Secondary Schools in Lagos State

In this section, the top 20 best secondary schools in Lagos are described for their excellence.

Corona Secondary School, Lekki

Corona Secondary School, nestled in Lekki, is a revered educational institution with a legacy that dates back over 65 years. The school’s reputation is further bolstered by its alumni base, some of whom are among the most influential and accomplished figures across Africa.

As a co-educational institution, Corona prides itself on integrating both the Nigerian curriculum and renowned international standards. The environment fosters both academic and extracurricular growth. While the Lekki campus houses their secondary section, the Corona Schools’ Trust Council has primary schools located in key areas like Ikoyi and Gbagada.

Chrisland International Schools

Positioned as one of the top-tier schools in Lagos, Chrisland International Schools offers a comprehensive co-educational experience. Their vision extends beyond traditional learning, focusing on nurturing students between the ages of 2 and 18 through modern, innovative teaching methods.

The aim is to provide a holistic and well-rounded education. Known for their state-of-the-art facilities and adept faculty, Chrisland campuses can be found in strategic locations including Opebi, VGC, Lekki, and even as far as Abuja, ensuring accessibility for many residents.

Greensprings Schools

Greensprings Schools is a distinguished institution, offering both day and boarding facilities for boys and girls ranging from 18 months to 18 years. Their commitment to excellence and holistic development places them as a frontrunner among private secondary schools in Lagos.

Greensprings focuses on a balanced curriculum that encourages not only academic prowess but also social, emotional, and physical growth. Campuses are strategically placed in Anthony, Lekki, and Ikoyi, ensuring a wide reach for residents of Lagos.

Children International School, Lekki

With a reputation for premium junior and senior education, Children International School (CIS) in Lekki is a beacon of academic brilliance. What sets CIS apart is its vibrant international community, housing students from over 25 different countries.

This melting pot of cultures ensures a diverse, global perspective in learning and interaction. As one of the leading institutions in Lagos in 2021, CIS offers an unparalleled learning environment that is both challenging and nurturing, preparing students for global challenges.

Grange School, Ikeja

Grange School, situated in the heart of Ikeja, offers an integrated learning journey from ages 5 to 16. Being a day and residential school, Grange has built a commendable reputation for fostering a close-knit community where pupils, teachers, and parents collaborate seamlessly.

Established as a not-for-profit institution, the school draws from the English National Curriculum, ensuring global standards. Its location within the serene Government Reservation Area (GRA) in Ikeja makes it a tranquil environment, perfect for learning and growth.

Meadow Hall, Lekki

Meadow Hall stands as a beacon of comprehensive education in Lagos. This co-educational institution, founded in July 2002, has a curriculum that masterfully combines the British National standards with the Nigerian curriculum.

The core of Meadow Hall’s ethos is to nurture students to achieve excellence while also emphasizing moral and spiritual development. Located in the scenic Lekki-Epe axis of Lagos, the school is not just about academics but also focuses on producing Godly children, well-equipped for life’s challenges.

British International School, VI

Located in the heart of Victoria Island, the British International School (BIS) is a multi-national haven for students seeking a British-style education. Catering to students between 11 and 18 years, BIS offers a blend of rigorous academics and co-curricular activities, nurturing students for global challenges.

The institution draws both from the Nigerian community and expatriates, creating a diverse and enriching environment. The school’s location at Oniru Private Estate offers a serene environment conducive to effective learning.

American International School, Lekki

The American International School in Lekki (AISL) stands tall as a testament to world-class education in Lagos. It boasts a vibrant and supportive community encompassing educators, parents, alumni, and other stakeholders dedicated to the holistic development of its students.

With representation from over fifty-five countries in its student population, AISL isn’t just a school; it’s a melting pot of cultures, experiences, and learning perspectives, making it a true embodiment of international education in Lagos.

Rainbow College

Rainbow College has carved a niche for itself as a premier co-educational secondary institution, emphasizing a holistic approach to learning. Apart from its academic accolades, the college has consistently shown outstanding performances in both national and international competitions.

Located in Maba, Ogun State, but still within the influence of Lagos, Rainbow College promises a balanced blend of curricular and extracurricular activities, ensuring students are well-prepared for the world beyond school.

Dowen College, Lekki

Dowen College in Lekki stands as an emblem of academic excellence and co-curricular mastery. Founded in October 1997, this co-educational institution provides both day and boarding facilities, allowing flexibility for parents and students.

Located in Lekki Phase 1, Dowen College provides an amalgamation of the Nigerian and British Curricula, giving students the best of both worlds. The school’s reputation, infrastructure, and seasoned educators make it a top choice for many seeking quality secondary education in Lagos.

Atlantic Hall

Atlantic Hall, nestled in Epe, is synonymous with unparalleled educational excellence. As one of the premier boarding schools in Lagos, the school emphasizes individual talent identification and cultivation.

Established in January 1986, Atlantic Hall has grown in leaps and bounds, with an alumni network that spans various industries and professions, attesting to the school’s commitment to shaping future leaders.

New Hall International School, Lekki

Established over a decade ago, New Hall International School in Lekki has risen through the ranks, distinguishing itself among top-tier secondary schools in Lagos. Renowned for its state-of-the-art facilities, such as standard art studios and world-class laboratories, the school emphasizes a holistic approach to learning, equipping students with both academic and life skills.

Vivian Fowler, Ikeja

Exclusively for girls and located in Ikeja, Vivian Fowler Memorial College champions the cause of female education in Lagos.

The institution is dedicated to providing a comprehensive education that empowers young women to achieve their fullest potential. Their location in Oregun ensures accessibility and convenience for residents of Ikeja and its environs.

Lagoon School, Lekki

A hallmark of female-centric education in Lagos, Lagoon School in Lekki offers a focused and tailored approach to learning for girls.

This institution was established by the Nigerian Association for Women`s Advancement (NAWA) and is committed to empowering the girl child for societal betterment. Located in Lekki Phase 1, Lagoon School’s reputation as an educational powerhouse is well-deserved.

Avi-Cenna International School, Ikeja

Founded in 1989, Avi-Cenna International School in Ikeja is an independent educational institution known for its strong academic and pastoral traditions.

Blending tradition with innovation, Avi-Cenna has continually evolved to meet the dynamic needs of 21st-century learners. Located in GRA, Ikeja, the school offers a conducive environment for comprehensive learning and development.

Whitesands School, Lekki

Whitesands School, as a not-for-profit trust established by the Ikota Educational Foundation (IEF), has made significant strides in Lagos’s educational sector. Exclusively for boys, this day secondary school began its journey in 2000.

It not only upholds academic excellence but also places emphasis on character development and moral values. Its steady growth over the years, combined with an innovative approach to teaching, has made Whitesands one of the go-to institutions in Lagos for top-tier secondary education.

Grenville International School, Ikeja

Located in the heart of Ikeja, Grenville International School stands as a testament to excellence in the educational sector. Following the British curriculum, students at Grenville are prepared for both the IGCSE and Cambridge A Level/International Degree Foundation programmes.

Beyond academics, the school places a heavy emphasis on extra-curricular activities, ensuring that students are well-rounded and prepared for the multifaceted challenges of the global arena.

Temple School, Ikeja

Temple School has carved a niche for itself with a unique assessment system that not only evaluates academic prowess but also assists in guiding teaching methodologies and preparations.

Students, right from primary to secondary levels, undergo regular internal assessments, ensuring that the teaching standards align with their individual needs. Located in Adeniyi Jones, Ikeja, Temple School offers a serene and conducive environment, making it a preferred choice for many in the heart of Lagos.

List of All Secondary Schools in Lagos State

  • Apata Memorial High School
  • Atlantic Hall
  • Avi-Cenna International School
  • Babington Macaulay Junior Seminary
  • Binta International School
  • Chrisland Schools
  • CMS Grammar School, Lagos
  • D-Ivy College
  • Dowen College
  • Ebun Oluwa Pro Veritas
  • Federal Government College, Ijanikin
  • Vivian Fowler Memorial College for Girls
  • Government College Ikorodu
  • Grace Schools
  • Grange School, Ikeja
  • Greensprings School
  • Holy Child College
  • Igbobi College
  • Ikenna Stars Academy
  • International School Lagos
  • King’s College, Lagos
  • Kingsfield College
  • Lagoon Secondary School, Lekki
  • Lagos Baptist Academy
  • Lagos State Junior Model College Badore
  • Lagos State Junior Model College Kankon
  • Lagos State Model College Badore
  • Lagos State Model College Kankon
  • Lagos State Model College, Igbonla
  • Lagos State Model Junior College Meiran
  • Logic Group of Schools
  • Lycée Français Louis Pasteur de Lagos
  • Methodist Boys’ High School
  • Mictec Schools
  • Queen’s College, Lagos
  • Redeemer’s International Secondary School
  • SunRise Academy
  • Treasure House School


Lagos, being a melting pot of cultures and a hub of economic activity, demands world-class educational institutions that can shape the leaders and innovators of tomorrow. The top best secondary schools in Lagos highlighted in this article not only meet but often surpass these expectations.

Their continued dedication to excellence, innovation, and holistic development ensures that they remain the top choices for parents and guardians seeking the best for their wards. As we look to the future, the legacy and impact of these institutions will undoubtedly continue to influence and shape the educational landscape of Lagos and Nigeria at large.

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