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Imo State, located in the southeastern region of Nigeria, is known for its rich cultural heritage and emphasis on education. As part of its commitment to excellence in education, Imo State boasts of numerous secondary schools that cater to the academic needs of its populace. This article delves into the best secondary schools in Imo, shedding light on the gems of educational excellence within the state.

How to Identify Top Secondary Schools in Imo State:

  • Academic Performance: This is a pivotal metric. Schools with consistently impressive academic results indicate a commitment to excellence. For example, schools like Government College Nafada and Roselec International Nursery Primary Secondary School Skokwa have a reputation for academic prowess.
  • Facilities and Environment: Modern facilities and a conducive learning atmosphere play an essential role in a student’s overall experience. Schools such as Alvana model secondary school and Archdeacon Dennis Junior Seminary are renowned for their infrastructure.
  • Teaching Standards: The calibre of the teaching staff and the curriculum offered can make a significant difference. Schools like Holy Ghost College Owerri and Federal Government Girls College, Owerri are well-regarded in this aspect.

Top Secondary Schools in Imo State

  • Abajah Secondary School, Nwangele.
  • Abba Secondary School, Nwangele
  • Akwakuma Girls Secondary School, Akwakuma, Owerri
  • Alvana model secondary school
  • Amumara Secondary School, Amumara, Ezinihitte, Mbaise
  • Amandugba Technical School
  • Archdeacon Dennis Junior Seminary, Mbieri, Mbaitoli, Owerri
  • Bishop Lasbrey Girls Secondary School, Irete, Owerri
  • Boys High School Nenwe
  • Boys Secondary School, Umuguma-Owerri
  • Boys Secondary School, Umualumaku/Umuihim, Ehime Mbano L.G.A, Imo State
  • Boys’ Secondary School, Okwe onuimo
  • Bishop Shannahand College (BSC) orlu Imo State
  • Bonus Pastor Seminary School Osina
  • Boys’ Secondary School new owerri
  • Calvary International Secondary School, Orji Uratta Owerri North.
  • Christ the Saviour Secondary School Umuhu, Aboh Mbaise, Imo State
  • Claret Secondary School new owerri
  • Community Secondary School, Eziorsu, Oguta. 1998
  • Community Secondary School Amokwe
  • Comprehensive Day Secondary School Gombe
  • Comprehensive Secondary School Amaifeke Orlu Imo State
  • Comprehensive Secondary School Isunjaba
  • Corpous Christie College Achi Umuofia
  • Ebenator Ekwe Secondary
  • Egbu Girls’ Secondary School, Egbu, Owerri
  • Egbuoma Secondary School, Egbuoma
  • Ekwe Secondary School Ekwe
  • Emmanuel College, Owerri
  • Esheddi Secondary School, Obibiezena-Owerri
  • Eziudo Secondary Technical School, Eziudo Mbaise
  • Eziudo Girls High School, Eziudo Mbaise
  • Federal Government Boys College, Uturu, Okigwe
  • Federal Government College Okigwe
  • Federal Government Girls College, Owerri
  • Girls Secondary School Iheoma Orlu Imo State
  • Girls Secondary School Orlu Imo State
  • Girls Secondary School, Umucheke, Okwe
  • Government College Nafada
  • Government Secondary School Owerri, Okigwe Road Owerri
  • Holy Ghost College Owerri
  • Ifakala Community Secondary School
  • Ifakala Girls Secondary School
  • Ife Secondary School, Ezinihitte, Mbaise
  • Iheme Memoral Grammar School Arondizuogu (Ihemgram) 1954
  • Ihiagwa Secondary School, Ihiagwa, Owerri, Imo State
  • Iho Dimeze Comprehensive Secondary School, Ikeduru
  • Institute of Qur’anic Memorization and Islamic Civilisation Gombe
  • International Secondary School Owerre ebeiri
  • Isiekenesi High School
  • Isu High School, Isu Nwangele
  • Isu girls secondary school nwangele
  • Isunjaba High School
  • King Jaja High School, Amaigbo
  • Logos international secondary school, Awo-Omamma
  • John F.Kennedy Secondary School, Obibiezena-Owerri
  • OPTC Secondary School, Obibiezena-Owerri
  • Obollo secondary technical school obollo isiala mbano
  • Okpala Secondary School, Okpala
  • Okwelle secondary school. (chukwuma charity. funky)
  • Akpulu Secondary School Akpulu, Ideato North
  • Gods Comprehensive Secondary School Uzii, Ideato North
  • Custos Ecclesae Seminary Uzii, Ideato North
  • Mbaise Secondary School, Aboh Mbaise
  • Mgbidi Boys Secondary School, Mgbidi
  • National High School Arondizuogu (Nasco) 1954
  • Nekede Secondary School, Nekede Owerri
  • Nkwere Boys College (Boysco)
  • Obazu Community Secondary School, Mbieri
  • Ogbaku Girls Secondary School
  • Oke- Uvuru Secondary School, Uvuru Aboh Mbaise
  • Okigwe National Grammar School, Umuna
  • Okporo Technical College (OTC) Okporo Orlu Imo State
  • Okpofe Secondary School (OSS)Okpofe, Mbaise
  • Okwelle Primary School
  • Otulu commercial Secondary School
  • Owerre-ebeiri community Secondary School
  • Owerri Girls’ Secondary School, Owerri, Port Harcourt Road Owerri
  • Ozara comprehensive Secondary School
  • Pilot Secondary School Gombe
  • Premier Secondary School, Orji, Owerri
  • Presentation Secondary School Ogbaku (Presco)
  • Priscilla Memorial Secondary School, Oguta
  • Ray Jacobs Boarding Schools, Mgbidi
  • Regina Caeli Girl Secondary School, Umunachi Osuama, Isiala Mbano
  • Roselec International Nursery Primary Secondary School Skokwa
  • Sambo Secondary School Billiri
  • Seat of Wisdom college, Owerri
  • Secondary Technical school Dikenafai, Ideato south
  • Secondary Technical School, Akokwa, Ideato North
  • Sheikh Mahmud Abubakar Secondary School Kumo
  • Shell 3 Secondary School, Owerri
  • St Aquinas Model Secondary School, Umunachi Osuama, Isiala Mbano
  • St. Augustine Secondary School, Obibiezena-Owerri
  • St Catherine Girls Secondary School Nkwere
  • St. Augustine Secondary School (SASS) Nkwere
  • St. Kizito Secondary Uruala
  • St. Kizito’s Secondary School Umuchima, Ideator South LGA
  • St. Marys Seminary School Umuowa
  • St. Michael’s Secondary School, Orsu-Obodo
  • St. Paul’s International Boys Secondary School, Federal Housing Estate Owerri
  • St. Peter clavers seminary okpalla
  • Trinity High School, Oguta
  • Umuaka High School
  • Urban Secondary School, Umuna. Orlu
  • Urualla Girls’ High School
  • Uwani Secondary School, Uwani
  • Zion Nursery/Primary School Amagu Akegbe – Uwani Awka
  • The comprehensive list above showcases the top secondary schools in Imo State, spanning across different towns and communities. Each of these institutions has, in its unique way, contributed to the academic excellence and advancement of the state.


  1. Which is the oldest school in Imo?
    • Schools like Holy Ghost College Owerri have a rich history and might be among the oldest in the state.
  2. Are boarding facilities available in these schools?
    • Yes, many schools, including the Federal Government Girls College, Owerri, offer boarding facilities.
  3. Which schools in Imo are best known for arts and humanities?
    • While many schools offer a comprehensive curriculum, institutions like St. Augustine Secondary School have a reputation for excelling in arts and humanities.
  4. Are there any technical schools in the list?
    • Yes, schools such as Amandugba Technical School and Obollo secondary technical school specialize in technical education.



Imo State is a hub for academic excellence, with a blend of traditional and contemporary secondary schools that cater to diverse educational needs.

The listed schools are renowned for their achievements in both curricular and extracurricular activities. For parents and guardians keen on offering their wards a top-quality education in Imo, it’s advisable to visit these schools personally and assess them based on specific needs and preferences.

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