Best Secondary Schools in Kano State



Kano State, one of Nigeria’s most historically significant states, boasts a rich educational landscape. Parents and guardians in Kano have a plethora of top-tier secondary schools to consider for their wards. Ranging from public institutions to private and religious-based schools, Kano offers a variety of choices tailored to the needs of the diverse population.


Let’s dive into some of the standout secondary schools in Kano, taking into account their track record, infrastructural offerings, and overall contributions to the educational sector.

Top Secondary Schools in Kano State

  • Abdullahi Islamiyya School Koki, Kano
  • Andal Science Academy
  • Al Ansar Girls College
  • Alhaji Akilu comprehensive Islamic secondary school
  • Aishatu Lamido School, Kano
  • Aminu Kano Community Commercial College Kano (1967)
  • Arewa Best Academy
  • Aridason Group of Schools
  • Army Day Secondary School, Bukavu Barracks, Kano
  • Asamu Comprehensive College
  • Assalam Secondary School Kano
  • Aunty Laila
  • Fazl-i-Omar Ahmadiyya Secondary School, Kano
  • BUK Staff Secondary School
  • Captain Memorial College
  • College of Qur’anic Studies Ayagi
  • Crescent International Secondary School
  • Dantata Memorial School
  • Day Science College, Kano (Tumbin Giwa) State Rd.
  • Day Science Kano
  • Dashere School, Rurum
  • Emphatic Neo-classic College, Kano Nigeria
  • Emphatic Neoclassic
  • Essence College
  • FAAN Secondary School Kano
  • Fahad Memorial College
  • Federal Government College Kano, Nigeria
  • Fidelity nursery and primary school
  • First Grade Comprehensive School, Kano
  • Gateway College
  • Government Arabic Secondary School (Kwachiri)
  • Government Girls Arabic Secondary School Dambatta
  • Government Girls College Dala (Bulukiya)
  • Government secondary commercial school airport road kano
  • Government Secondary Commercial School, Wudil
  • Government Secondary School Dambatta
  • Government Secondary School Gwammaja (Gwammaja II)
  • Government Secondary School Gwauron Dutse
  • Government Secondary School (Karaye)
  • Government Secondary School Kurna Asabe
  • Government Secondary School, Rurum-Katanga
  • Government Secondary School Dala
  • Government Technical College (GTC) Kano
  • Government Girls Arabic College Gorondutse GGAC G/Dutse
  • Government Girls Arabic Secondary School, Dashere Rurum
  • Government Girls Secondary School, DanDinshe
  • Government Secondary School Dala GSS Dala
  • Hassan Ibrahim Gwarzo Secondary School
  • Holy child Academy, sabon gari kano
  • Ijioma Memorial Group of Schools Kano
  • Ikima & School Shagari Qtrs. Kano
  • Imam Zubair Islamiyya School
  • Intercontinental College
  • Kano Capital
  • Kano Model Secondary
  • Kano Montessori School
  • Kano School of Business Studies
  • Kings College Kano
  • Lebanon College
  • Lufaloy, Kano
  • Maitama Sule Girls Secondary School
  • Mallamibro ICT Academy, Tsamiyar Boka, Hotoro – Kano
  • Mautsidau Secondary School, Makoda
  • Model Comprehensive School
  • Mulco Science & Comm. College
  • Musa Iliasu College
  • Mustibra Model School. Naibawa Kano
  • Nana Aisha Girls Arabic Secondary School (Nagass)
  • Nurul Huda Islamiyya School
  • Nigerian Turkish College Kano
  • Police Girls Secondary School, Shanono
  • Prime College
  • Prince Secondary School
  • Queens Science Academy, Kano
  • Rainbow Schools, Hotoro, Kano
  • Royal College
  • Rumfa College Kano
  • Rumfa College Kano (RCK)
  • Rurum Central School
  • Rurum Tahfiz School
  • Sahatussibyan Littahfeezul Qur’an, Ayagi
  • Saint Loius Girls Secondary School
  • Saint Thomas Secondary School
  • Samadi International School, Kano
  • Saudat Memorial School
  • Sahatu Ayagi
  • School For Arabic Studies (SAS Kano)
  • Science College Dawakin Kudu
  • Science College, Dawakin Tofa
  • Seat of wisdom group of schools, kano
  • Sheikh Bashir El Rayyan Nur. & Secondary School
  • Spring International Secondary School, sunflower school abbas road
  • Supreme College
  • Ta’adibul Aulad Girls Senior Islamic Sec. School Adakawa (Tagsissa)
  • The Light International School
  • The Caliphate , & Secondary Schools
  • Turkish International School, Kano
  • Ummahatul’mu’uminat Ayagi
  • Unity Comprehensive College Kano
  • Yandutse College
  • McMidas Institute of Information Technology
  • Oceanic academy, kawaji qrts warshu hospital road


Q1: What are some of the oldest secondary schools in Kano known for academic excellence?
A1: Schools like Rumfa College Kano and Government Technical College (GTC) Kano have a longstanding reputation in Kano for academic excellence.

Q2: Are there international standard schools in Kano?
A2: Yes, institutions like the Nigerian Turkish College Kano and Turkish International School, Kano provide education that aligns with international standards.

Q3: What are some of the notable religious-based secondary schools in Kano?
A3: Schools like Alhudahuda College, Zaria, and Government Arabic Secondary School (Kwachiri) are among the religious-based institutions in Kano that have made significant contributions to the educational sector.


Kano State, with its strategic position in the North of Nigeria, has continuously pushed the frontiers of quality education through its various secondary schools. Whether you’re seeking a modern approach to learning, religious teachings, or a blend of both, Kano offers a plethora of options. Each school has, in its unique way, contributed immensely to shaping the future leaders of tomorrow.


  • Kano State provides a mix of modern and traditional educational establishments.
  • Many schools in Kano have a rich history that dates back several decades, marking them as pillars in the educational sector.
  • A blend of top-notch infrastructure, dedicated educators, and a holistic approach to learning are hallmarks of the best secondary schools in Kano.

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