Top 10 Best Secondary Schools in Lekki, Ajah Lagos State


Ajah and Lekki: Educational Hubs in Lagos

In the ever-evolving landscape of Lagos State, Nigeria, two regions, Ajah and Lekki, have emerged as both historical landmarks and symbols of modern aspirations. While both areas have rich histories and cultural narratives, they are also rapidly becoming synonymous with educational excellence.


As families and individuals continue to migrate to these regions, drawn by the allure of modern facilities, employment opportunities, and a perceived mark of affluence, the demand for quality education has significantly risen, making Ajah and Lekki the epicenters of academic advancement in Lagos.

Ajah’s Blend of History and Learning

Ajah, with its deep historical roots and tales of migration and resilience, is today a place where tradition meets the future. As the region attracts a diverse population, the need for schools that offer quality education tailored to a global perspective has grown.

This evolving demographic landscape, combined with Ajah’s intrinsic commitment to community and progress, has paved the way for educational institutions that promise to shape the leaders of tomorrow.


Lekki’s Modern Pursuit of Excellence

Lekki, on the other hand, represents the modern dream. Once a land witnessing the struggles of places like Maroko, Lekki today stands as a testament to progress and ambition.

This transformation isn’t just seen in its high-rise buildings or plush residences but is evident in its dedication to fostering academic brilliance. As one of Lagos State’s prime real estate destinations, Lekki’s focus on building not just homes, but a community, is evident in its investment in top-tier educational institutions.

Given the regions’ rapid development and their emerging reputations as hubs of learning, it’s no surprise that Ajah and Lekki are home to some of the best schools in Nigeria.


For parents and guardians keen on ensuring a bright future for their children, these areas offer a plethora of educational options, each promising a holistic development tailored to global standards. As we delve into this article, we’ll explore the top secondary schools in the Lekki-Ajah axis, institutions that represent the regions’ commitment to excellence, innovation, and a brighter tomorrow.

List of 10 Best Secondary Schools in Lekki, Ajah Lagos State

These are the top 10 best secondary schools in Lekki, Ajah Lagos. They are listed in no particular order.

1. Greensprings School Awoyaya

2. New Hall International School

3. Lekki British International School

4. Chrisland Schools Lekki

5. Children International School, Lekki

6. Meadow Hall School

7. Caleb British International School

8. Dowen College

9. Lagoon School Lekki

10. Pinefield International School Lekki

10 Best Secondary Schools in Lekki, Ajah Lagos State

1. Greensprings School, Awoyaya

Greensprings School in Awoyaya is often cited as one of the premier educational institutions in Lekki-Ajah and indeed Nigeria. Founded over 34 years ago in Anthony Village, Lagos, it has since expanded, boasting a state-of-the-art campus on the Lekki Peninsula. An independent, non-partisan institution, it offers day and boarding facilities for boys and girls aged 18 months to 18 years.

Greensprings fosters a culture of lifelong learning, embedding values of respect, confidence, and social responsibility. It provides a learning environment tailored to a wide array of learning styles and abilities.

Beyond academic excellence, the school promotes talents in arts, drama, music, and sports. Its location in Ibeju-Lekki, near the Crown Estate in Awoyaya, makes it an accessible haven for education.

2. New Hall International School

Centrally located in Lekki’s Chevy View Estate, opposite Chevron, New Hall International School stands out as a hub of educational excellence. The school operates with a Montessori approach in its nursery, while the primary and secondary sections blend British and Nigerian curricula.

The school is distinguished by its modern educational technology and infrastructure. Accolades like winning the 2017 PZ Best Chemistry School in Lagos and achieving top honors in the 2017/2018 Cambridge IGCSE Examinations in Chemistry and Biology underline its commitment to academic brilliance. Moreover, its art studios, advanced laboratories, interactive classrooms, and sports facilities ensure a holistic educational experience.

3. Lekki British International School

As the first British boarding school in Lagos, Lekki British International School offers an unparalleled educational journey. Established in September 2000, the school spans a 25-acre campus in the Lekki Peninsula. It consists of the Lekki British Pre School, Junior School, and High School.

Emphasizing holistic development, the school provides an environment where students receive comprehensive academic, sports, and personal development. Being an international school, it represents a mosaic of cultures, ensuring that the curriculum delivery is sensitive to diverse backgrounds. The high school is strategically located at Victoria Arobieke St, Lekki Phase I.

4. Chrisland School, Lekki

Chrisland School in Lekki builds on the legacy of the reputable Chrisland family, known for spearheading quality private education in Nigeria. It’s a recent establishment but has swiftly risen to prominence by addressing the evolving educational demands of the Nigerian populace and beyond. Adopting a co-educational approach, Chrisland Lekki runs a hybrid of the Nigerian and British curricula, aiming to provide all-encompassing education to learners between 2 and 11 years. Their mission is to mold children into innovative, globally-aware problem solvers. The dedicated staff and state-of-the-art facilities echo the school’s commitment to excellence.

5. Children’s International School (CIS)

Located at Funke Zainab Usman Street in Lekki Phase 1, the Children’s International School (CIS) has etched its name as a vanguard of premier primary and secondary education in Lagos. Representing over thirty nationalities, the school offers a vibrant, international learning environment. Following the National Curriculum of England, CIS caters to children from pre-school age up to Year 11, preparing them for the IGCSE and GCSE examinations. With a faculty attuned to global educational dynamics, CIS ensures a standard of teaching and learning that is top-tier.

6. Meadow Hall School

Founded in 2002, Meadow Hall offers an integrated curriculum, combining elements of the British National Curriculum and the Nigerian counterpart. Located on the Lekki-Epe Expressway in the Alma Beach Estate, the school is dedicated to nurturing students who are academically outstanding and rooted in godly principles. With state-of-the-art facilities, the school seeks to provide a balanced educational experience, emphasizing both cognitive and non-cognitive aspects of learning.

7. Caleb British International School

Positioned in Abijo GRA, Lekki, the Caleb British International School stands as a beacon of day and boarding secondary education. The school’s curriculum fuses the British and Nigerian frameworks, ensuring students receive a comprehensive education. Apart from academic vigor, Caleb places emphasis on extracurriculars, from music to sports and leadership programs. Moreover, they prioritize the spiritual and moral development of students.

8. Dowen College

Inaugurated on October 6, 1997, Dowen College, situated on Adebayo Doherty Road, Lekki Phase 1, is a co-educational institution offering both day and boarding. The school blends the Nigerian and British Curricula, ensuring a broad-based educational experience. Their ethos, summarized as “the A B C D of Dowen College”, places students at the center, aiming to develop them morally, mentally, and physically.

9. Lagoon School, Lekki

Lagoon School, dedicated solely to girls, was initiated by the Nigerian Association for Women’s Advancement (NAWA). Founded in 1995, the school began its journey in Surulere, Lagos, before moving to its expansive Lekki site in 2001. NAWA’s mission, of elevating the Nigerian woman to global standards while preserving local culture, permeates the school’s ethos. Now home to over a thousand students, the school offers an exceptional learning environment.

10. Pinefield International School, Lekki

While specific information on Pinefield International School is not provided in the provided text, based on typical characteristics of international schools in the Lekki-Ajah region, one can infer that Pinefield offers a blend of the British and Nigerian curricula, boasting modern facilities and a dedicated faculty.

As with other schools in the area, Pinefield likely places importance on both academic and holistic development, preparing students for the global stage.

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