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Best Secondary Schools In Delta State

The quest for quality education has always been at the forefront of parents’ priorities. For those in Delta State, the scenario is no different. From the lush cityscapes to the serene rural settings, Delta State offers a blend of traditional and modern educational institutions.

How to Identify Top Secondary Schools in Delta State

  1. Academic Performance: The institution’s historical performance in national exams such as WAEC, NECO, and JAMB provides a reliable benchmark.
  2. Facilities and Learning Environment: Quality classrooms, laboratories, and conducive learning environments ensure that students have the best tools and atmosphere for their studies.
  3. Reputation and Achievements: Schools that have consistently maintained a reputable stance, along with accomplishments in various fields, are often considered top-tier.

Top 10 Best Secondary Schools in Delta State

  1. Federal Government Girls College, Ibusa
  2. Government College, Ughelli
  3. Nana College, Warri
  4. St. Patrick´s College, Asaba
  5. St. Augustine’s College, Ubulu-Uku
  6. Notre Dame College, Ozoro
  7. St. Michael’s College, Oleh
  8. Army Day Secondary School, Effurun
  9. St. Theresa’s International Schools, Orhuwhorun Town, Orhuwhorun
  10. Hope Waddell Training Institution, Calabar

Full List of Secondary Schools in Delta State

  • Abbi Girls Secondary School, Abbi
  • Abbi Grammar School, Abbi
  • Abraka Grammar School, Abraka
  • Adague Grammar School, Eruemukowharien-Ughelli
  • Access High Schools, Calabar
  • Adadja Secondary School, Emadadja
  • Adaigbo Secondary School, Ogwashi-Uku
  • Adams Memorial Sec School, Araya, Delta State
  • Agbarho Grammer School, Agbarho
  • Agbor Technical College, Agbor
  • Agwai-Ewuru Mixed Secondary School, Agbor
  • Aladja College, Aladja
  • Alderstown Primary School ‘A’, Warri
  • Alderstown Primary School ‘B’, Warri
  • Alderstown School for the Deaf, Warri
  • Alegbo College, Effurun
  • Amai (mixed) Secondary Commercial School, Amai
  • Anglican Girls College, Ughelli
  • Anglican Girls Grammar School (Bribina College), Ozoro
  • Anglican Grammar School, Ubulu-Uku
  • Army Day Secondary School, Effurun
  • Asagba Mixed Secondary School, est. 2000
  • Ase Grammar School, Ase, est. 1978
  • Baptist High School, Agbor
  • Baptist High School, Eku
  • Baptist High School, Ororekpe
  • Boys Model Secondary School, onicha olona. est 1991
  • Bright Future Academy, Sapele, Nigeria
  • Bright Future Nursery and Primary Schools Sapele, Nigeria, since 1998
  • Classical International School, Warri
  • Chude Girls Grammar School, Sapele
  • College of Education Demonstration Secondary School, Warri
  • Community Secondary School, Issele-uku
  • Delta Careers College, Warri
  • Delta State University Secondary School, Abraka
  • Dom Domingos College, Warri
  • Dore Numa College, Warri
  • DSC Technical High School Ovwian Aladja, Orhuwhorun
  • Ebedei Secondary School, Adonaishaka Ebedei
  • Ebrumede Secondary School, Ebrumede Effurun
  • Egbudu Mixed Secondary School, Egbudu-Akah, Aniocha South (Founded Sept. 1980)
  • Egini Grammar School, Egini
  • Ekakpamre Grammar School, Ekakpamre
  • Ekuku-Agbor Grammar School, Ekuku Agbor, Agbor
  • Ekiugbo Grammar School, Ughelli
  • Emevor Mixed Secondary School, Emevor
  • Emore Grammar School, Oleh
  • Emu-Uno Secondary School, Emu-Uno, est. 1980
  • Erho Secondary School, Erho-Abraka
  • Esi College, Warri
  • Ewulu Mixed Grammar School, Ewulu Aniocha South
  • Excellence School of Science and Creativity, Sapele
  • Exclusive Nursery, Primary and Secondary Schools New Haven Kwale
  • Esanma Grammar School, Syama
  • Federal girl’ College, Ibusa
  • Federal Government College, Warri
  • Fieldcrest International School, Ekete, Warri
  • Gbenoba Grammar School, Agbor
  • Girls’ Model Secondary School, Evwreni
  • Good Shepherd Catholic Boys’ Secondary School, Oyede
  • Government College, Ughelli
  • Great Grace Montessori School, Edjeba Warri
  • Hilltop School Edjeba Warri
  • Holy Child Girls Secondary School, Calabar
  • Holy Family School Ugboroke Effurun
  • Hussey College Warri
  • Ibru College, Agbarha-Otor
  • Idjerhe Grammar School, Jesse-Town
  • Ika Grammar School, Boji Boji Owa
  • Ime-Obi Secondary School, Agbor
  • Irhodo Primary School, Irhodo-Jesse
  • James Welch Grammar School, Emevor
  • Jeremi College, Out-Jeremi
  • Kokori Grammar School Kokori, Inland. 1962
  • Lakeland School, Ogunu, Warri
  • Marble Hill School, Asaba Delta State
  • Mary Mount College, Boji Boji Owa
  • Mater Dei Grammar School, Ashaka
  • Merit Mixed Secondary School, Sapele
  • Madonna International College, Asaba
  • Mixed Secondary School, Idumuje Unor, Aniocha North
  • Nana College, Warri
  • Nana Primary School, Warri Delta State Nigeria
  • National Comprehensive College Warri


Delta State boasts numerous secondary schools dedicated to delivering quality education. From institutions with rich histories to innovative contemporary schools, the emphasis remains on equipping young minds for a promising future. Parents and guardians in Delta State have a wide range of options to choose from, each providing unique learning experiences.

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