Best Secondary Schools In Ekiti State

Best Secondary Schools In Ekiti State


The pursuit of top-tier education remains a priority for many parents and guardians. In Ekiti State, this commitment to academic excellence remains unwavering. Home to an impressive array of secondary schools, both public and private, traditional and contemporary, Ekiti State consistently shines as a beacon of educational brilliance in Nigeria.


This article delves into the best secondary schools in Ekiti, evaluating them on various fronts like academic achievements, infrastructure, and overall reputation.

How to Identify Top Secondary Schools in Ekiti State

Ekiti boasts a plethora of schools, and determining the cream of the crop requires specific metrics:

  1. Academic Performance: Schools with consistently stellar academic results often signify an excellent institution. For example, schools like Christ’s School, Ado Ekiti and Ekiti Parapo College, Ido-Ekiti are known for their outstanding academic records.
  2. Facilities and Learning Environment: The educational journey of a student is significantly enhanced by top-notch facilities and a conducive learning environment. Schools such as Ekiti state Government College and Federal Government Girls College Efon-Alaaye have consistently been noted for their state-of-the-art facilities.
  3. Awards and Competitions: Schools that frequently emerge victorious in regional and national competitions reflect a dedication to excellence.
  4. Teaching Standards: Quality educators and an advanced curriculum can significantly set a school apart. Institutions in Ekiti are renowned for their committed teaching staff and innovative approaches to education.

Ranking Criteria for Best Schools in Ekiti State

Several parameters influence the ranking of top schools:

  • WAEC Performance: The results in the West African Examination Council exams are a strong determinant of academic rigor.
  • NECO and JAMB Performance: As with WAEC, top scores in the National Examination Council and Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board exams indicate academic prowess.
  • Competitions: Success in academic, arts, or sports competitions is a strong testament to a school’s quality.
  • Learning Facilities: Schools boasting of modern computer labs, science labs, libraries, and sports arenas often provide enhanced learning experiences.
  • Teaching Standard: Quality educators and an up-to-date curriculum are vital indicators.
  • School Environment: A serene and conducive learning atmosphere is crucial for the academic and personal growth of students.

Full List of Secondary Schools in Ekiti State

  1. Aaye-Oja Community Grammar School, Moba LGA, Aaye Oja Ekiti
  2. Ado Community High School, Ado Ekiti, est. 1972
  3. Edu High School, Erio-Ekiti
  4. African Church Comprehensive High School Ikere Ekiti Est 1969
  5. Aisegba Community Grammar School Aisegba Ekiti
  6. Aisegba Comprehensive High School Aisegba Ekiti
  7. Alamoye Comprehensive High School Aramoko Ekiti. Est. 1979
  8. Amoye Grammar School, Ikere Ekiti. est 1959
  9. Amure High School, Ikun Ekiti
  10. Anglican Church Grammar School Efon Alaaye
  11. Anglican School, Okemesi-Ekiti
  12. Annuciation Boy School Ikere
  13. Aramoko District Commercial Secondary School, Aramoko Ekiti
  14. Ayebode High School, Ayebode-Ekiti
  15. Babalola Memorial Grammar School Efon Alaaye
  16. Babatope Memorial High School, Ikoro Ekiti
  17. Christ Apostolic Church Grammar School Efon Alaaye
  18. Christ’s School, Ado Ekiti. Est. 1933
  19. College of Education Demonstration Secondary School, Ikere Ekiti
  20. Corpus Christi College, Ilawe Ekiti
  21. Doherty Memorial Grammar School, Ijero-Ekiti. Est. 1955
  22. Ebenezer Premier Secondary School, Ikole Ekiti.
  23. Efon Alaaye High School Efon Alaaye
  24. Ekamefa Commercial Grammar School, Ilasa-Ekiti
  25. Ekameta Community High School, Epe/Ara/Araromi Ekiti
  26. Ekiti Parapo College, Ido-Ekiti
  27. Ekiti state Government College Ado Ekiti
  28. Ekiti state Government College Ikere Ekiti
  29. Ekiti state Government College Oye Ekiti
  30. Ekiti state Government College Usi Ekiti
  31. Eleyo High School Ikere
  32. Erin Ayonigba High School, Erinjiyan Ekiti
  33. Eso Obe Comprehensive High School Ikoro Ekiti
  34. Federal Government Girls College Efon-Alaaye
  35. Federal Government College Ikole-Ekiti
  36. Holy Child Catholic Secondary School, Ado-Ekiti
  37. Igogo High School
  38. Ilawe Grammar School, Ilawe Ekiti
  39. Ipoti High School
  40. Irepodun High School Ikere
  41. Moba Grammar School, Otun Ekiti
  42. Notre Dame Grammar School Usi Ekiti
  43. Obalatan Grammar School, Ilupeju Ekiti
  44. Okemesi Grammar School, Okemesi-Ekiti, 1958
  45. Okemesi Community High School, Okemesi – Ekiti
  46. Oniwe Comprehensive High School, Ilawe Ekiti
  47. Shepherd international College, Ado Ekiti
  48. Solid Foundation High School, Ilawe Ekiti
  49. St. Louis Grammar School Ikere-Ekiti
  50. St. Mary’s Girls Grammar School Ikole-Ekiti
  51. St. Peter’s Primary School Otun Ekiti
  52. St. Stephen’s Anglican Primary School, Ayebode-Ekiti
  53. United High School, Ilawe Ekiti
  54. Victoria Memorial Group of School, Ikoro Ekiti
  55. Omoeleye compressive high school, Igbara-odo-ekite
  56. Igbrara-odo-community high school, Igbara-odo-ekiti
  57. Olarelu Grammar school, Igbara-odo-ekiti


Ekiti State is teeming with secondary schools committed to delivering unparalleled education. From storied institutions with decades of history to modern schools with state-of-the-art amenities, Ekiti provides a comprehensive range of options for parents and guardians eager to offer their children top-quality education.


  • Ekiti State features a blend of traditional and contemporary educational institutions.
  • Academic success in national exams is often an indicator of a school’s quality.
  • State-of-the-art facilities, dedicated educators, and an excellent learning environment are hallmark attributes of the best secondary schools in Ekiti.

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