Summary of the Life Changer JAMB Novel

Summary of the Life Changer


Life Changer is a novel written for students or individuals around age 16 to 18. The novel passes the best lessons to teenagers and was chosen as the novel for JAMB English Language exam. Students are advised to read the complete novel for fun as there are only few questions set from it.


Concentrating your energy on the novel may lead you to deficiency in other areas which need attention. This blog has the summary of Life Changer for JAMB students to read through, and for offline study, there is a life changer summary pdf attached below.

Summary of the Life Changer Chapter 1

A family of six is standing by the entry of Mr. Esquire. Whereas they hold up, Bint gives an account of her classroom experience with her meddling Social ponders educator, Mallam Salihu, who is known to act as in spite of the fact that he knew a bit more approximately each subject as he will frequently inquire questions exterior the subject of talk.

Bint describes how she truly taken care of a comparative event clearing out the educator astounded by the cheering and laugher of other pupils. Ummi is consistently glad of her girl, especially, Bint’s shrewdly approach to issues and she joins within the talk right some time recently Omar happily reports his confirmation to think about law at the Ahmadu Bello College.

As the family assembles to celebrate Omar’s victory, Omar gloats of his accomplishment and takes pride in exclusively overcoming examination challenges and a few other passage methods whereas looking for for confirmation. Ummi recognizes her son’s naivety and tries to edify him almost the life-changing capability of college admission.

Summary of the Life Changer Chapter 2

Twenty years ago, Ummi entered college and married her husband before she entered college. She Ummi talks about the free and carefree life of students in college, the difficulty of distinguishing between teachers and students when women dress nearly naked, and some departmental dress codes. Umi further reveals her experience with Salma, a cultured young woman.

Salma has expressed her displeasure and annoyance at the delays in her registration process, although she aims to register considerably later than everyone else. She says that Salma is interrogated by a young man in her queue, who constantly has discussions with her, but Salma continues to criticize and generalize her opinions about her lecturer. Not only does Salma draw similarities between the lecturer and the police as bribe-takers, but he also boasts of his ability to win the lecturer’s favor by giving him as little as two or three thousand Naira. To Salma and everyone in her queue, they were unaware that the young man she was speaking to was the lecturer in charge of the registration process.

Ummi proceeds with her department registration and is introduced to the HOD office. HOD exchanges her affectionate and pleasant greetings with Umi, whom she finds rather awkward and inappropriate. Ummi believes HOD is trying to outsmart her.

She was able to respond to this indefinitely until she received her admission number and left the office frustrated and angry. When Umi comes home, she tells her husband about her experience at HOD her office, but she is surprised when she mentions her friendship and relationship with her husband and her doctor. Sam John finds out.

Summary of the Life Changer Chapter 3

Ummi tells the story of a young boy named Talle, a “still person”. Tare is born after years of childlessness and his birth causes the death of his mother. “The Quiet One” was a perfect description, as he grew up quiet and became even more reserved with the death of his father and stepmother.

Talle is considered a good person by the villagers and cannot be harmed. However, Taru eventually needed the money and he confided in Zaki, who suggested the idea of ​​kidnapping the boy and holding him for ransom.

The plan is carried out by the duo, with Tal detaining the boy at his house. Talle goes to the market for groceries, but his usual demand for groceries doubles his. The market lady soon notices the change in demand for food and reports it to the District Manager.

While Tal is being questioned by the district chief, police officers rampage through the palace and arrest Tal as a suspect in kidnapping and extortion. Taru and Zaki are eventually sentenced to several years in prison.

Summary of the Life Changer Chapter 4

This chapter gives another account of Salma’s splendor and swagger. Salma goes to Dr. Level to have his Debo at his coordinator sign the form. Unfortunately, Dr. Debo follows his years of discipline and advises Salma. Salma arrogantly rejects his tryst and continues to insult him before leaving the office.

A remorseful Dubbo sadly prays that what he has created will be recognized. Salma completes hostile registration and moves into a room with three other girls. Initially, Salma dislikes the appearance of her roommates, but they eventually begin to like each other and form an intimacy that can be considered a sisterhood.

On Loyal Night, Salma is offered a ride in a Mercedes-Benz by two men, Habib and his driver, Ravalan. She slips into it because she knows it is dangerous, and conceitedly devises a plan to decline Habib’s request to go out with her if he eventually proposes.

Having to turn down men who drive Benzes is a way to raise Salma’s standards and gain recognition and respect from her peers and the university at large.

Summary of the Life Changer Chapter 5

In this chapter, it is discovered that Salma gives Habib Tomiwa’s cell phone number instead, and, unbeknownst to Habib, calls Tomiwa to go out with him. However, he reveals that he will change his mobile phone line. Habib still likes her and is shopping for her and her roommate.

He also gives Tomiwa some money for himself and his roommate. She is thrilled and her roommate shares this happiness too.

First, Salma objects to Tomiwa agreeing with Habib and denounces her as a chameleon. Ada and Ngozi intervene, but matters escalate. As soon as someone knocks on the door, you instantly fall into a state of calm. They do not want to share their land with other neighbors.

Meanwhile, Salma and her roommates continue to do excellent work in their respective departments and prepare for common college assignments.

Summary of the Life Changer Chapter 6

Salma finds moral philosophy very difficult. But she practices her previous questions and prepares to answer them on the fly. Unfortunately, Salma cannot answer any questions during her exam. Because the topic she’s been preparing all night doesn’t come up at all.

She decided to indulge in her exam mistakes. Cora writes the answers to some of her questions in a notebook and copies them into her answer booklet. Unfortunately, she is caught by the lecturer.

Salma is forced to fill out her Examination Mispractice (EMAL) form and is escorted to HOD’s office. He will forward your case to the Review and Ethics Committee for further processing. Salma and Cora are then exiled.

Summary of the Life Changer Chapter 7

Salma goes to Habib and uses his status as a politician to help influence the commission. Dr. Habib suggests. To implicate Debo, however, because of her past experience with lecturers, she rejects this offer and offers a bribe. Offered to give Salma the amount to gift, but instead she has to pay it back in kind. Salma is reluctant to accept this offer because of her relationship with Ravalan, which she feels is unfair to have an affair with her friend’s husband. Salma quickly gives in to his demands, but to her dismay she ends up giving the money to Dr. Kabir, who claims she is the chairman of EMEC. She was soon tricked by Dr. Kabir, who was neither the chairman nor a member of the committee. She becomes depressed and collapses.

Summary of the Life Changer Chapter 8

In this chapter, the identity of Mohammed Kabir, a laboratory technician hired by the university, is revealed. He has been nicknamed the Doctor since middle school and was always called the Doctor. He is called Kabir.

Lavalan discovers that Salma was being played by a player, informs Habib, and suggests contacting Zaki to sort out the situation. Honorable Habib is skeptical about implicating Zaki as he fails his first mission to kidnap Alhaj Adam’s son. Habib gives in to Ravalan’s suggestion and contacts Zaki to track down Kabir.

Kabir was found in a gambling hall. Kabir wins the game by gambling and leaves to avoid losing everything. Unfortunately, he is being chased by thugs whose mission is to retrieve Kabir’s bounty. Zaki catches up with Kabir who is attacked by thugs. Zaki defeats the thugs and takes control of the situation as they escape. He then focuses on Kabir, collecting money and injuring him.

Umi also tells the children how Salma changed her immoral ways. Salma becomes serious and decent after her father’s death, and because of her seriousness, Umi allows Salma to befriend her.

Summary of the Life Changer Chapter 9

Ummi also reveals Salim’s upsetting experience with her smartphone. Salim confesses to Lawal about a girl he met on social media. After exchanging her pictures, conversations and affections several times, Salim visits Natasha according to her preferences. Unaware that he has been tricked by Natasha, he takes a late-night trip to meet her. When he arrives, she joins him in the front seat of her SUV and Salim is mesmerized by her beauty. He was eventually ambushed by gunmen who tried to take his belongings. Fortunately for him, he ran away only to hook up with another woman he met on social media.

This time, he asks Loall to accompany him to avoid a similar contingency. Lohr refuses and probably goes to a beautiful girl. Salim leaves in dismay and meets an ugly girl instead. The children profess to be impressed with all the stories Eun-mi tells them while waiting for their dad to arrive.

Life Changer Summary and Questions

Here are some questions from the Life Changer Novel:

  1. What is the full name of the author of the Life Changer?

Answer: Khadija Abubakar Jalli

2. Why did the mother pause to listen to their conversation?

Answer: Because there was something about the laugher that drew her attention

3. Why were the other sisters laughing very hard?

Answer: The 5-year-old younger one was telling them stories

4. She was telling her two sisters the story of her classroom encounter with their meddlesome Social Studies teacher. Which other word can replace meddlesome as used in the novel?

Answer: Interfering

5. They were waiting for dad, why?

Answer: He is a banker, he closes by 5 pm and gets home late.

6. How old was Bint when she was narrating the story?

Answer: 5 years old.

7. How do you say Good Morning in French?”

Answer: Bonjour

8. How do you say that’s very good in French?

Answer: C’est tres bien

9. How do you say that’s very good in French, Aunty?” Bint asked reverentially.

Question: Which other word can replace reverentially as used in the passage?

Answer: Respectfully, In admiration

10. Why did the students surround Bint and started clapping and singing going around her

Answer: Because she asked a question the teacher could not answer

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