Summary of the Life Changer JAMB Novel

Summary of the Life Changer Life Changer is a novel written for students or individuals around age 16 to 18. The novel passes the best lessons to teenagers and was chosen as the novel for JAMB English Language exam. Students are advised to read the complete novel for fun as there are only few questions set from it. Concentrating your […]

List of Schools that Accept Second Choice in Nigeria

List of Schools that Accept Second Choice in Nigeria – Gaining admission to Nigerian universities depends on a lot of factors. Some of these include the schools you applied for and the method you used when applying. There are no federal universities that accept second choice application in Nigeria. However, you can choose to apply to state universities that accept […]

Who is the Jamb registrar?-All You Need to Know

Who is the Jamb registrar? Many JAMB prospects are usually eager to know who is in charge of JAMB office and how he controls the JAMB board. This article answers lots of questions about the current JAMB registrar. Who is the current JAMB registrar? What is the name of the JAMB registrar? Who is the present JAMB registrar? All of […]

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