AAF Scholarship Past Questions and Answers

AAF Scholarship Past Questions and Answers


The pursuit of educational opportunities often comes with challenges, and securing a scholarship is a goal many aspire to achieve. The Abdulkabir Aliu Foundation Scholarship (AAF Scholarship) stands out as a coveted opportunity, presenting not just financial aid but a chance for academic recognition and personal growth.

Introduction to AAF Scholarship


The Abdulkabir Aliu Foundation Scholarship is a beacon of hope for students seeking financial support for their education. Known for its competitive nature, this scholarship opens doors to a range of benefits that extend beyond monetary assistance. Aspiring scholars are drawn to the prestige associated with being an AAF Scholarship recipient.

AAF Scholarship Exam Format Overview

Three Sections: Quantitative, Verbal, General or Current Affairs

The AAF Scholarship exam comprises three crucial sections: Quantitative, Verbal, and General or Current Affairs. While the first two test academic prowess, the latter delves into a broader spectrum, encompassing everything from general knowledge to current events. It’s worth noting that the general questions cover a wide range of topics, from sports like football to intriguing tidbits, such as Obama’s daughter’s name – a testament to the scholarship’s unique character.

Beyond the financial aid it provides, AAF Foundation scholarship opens avenues for networking, mentorship, and personal development. The recognition associated with being an AAF scholar is a testament to one’s academic prowess and potential.

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Importance of Past Questions in Exam Preparation

To excel in the AAF Scholarship exam, one must be well-prepared. Past questions play a pivotal role in this preparation, offering insights into the exam structure, question patterns, and areas of focus. They serve as a roadmap to success, providing candidates with a glimpse into what to expect on the big day.

Steps to Download AAF Scholarship Past Questions and Answers

Accessing the AAF Scholarship Past Questions is a straightforward process. Candidates can download the material from our store, gaining access to a comprehensive set of questions and answers.

This resource serves as a valuable tool in honing one’s skills and boosting confidence for the upcoming exam. Download this page as a pdf to study offline. You can also buy the Full AAF Scholarship past questions now!!!

AAF Scholarship Past Questions

To give you a taste of what awaits, here are questions from the AAF Scholarship Past Papers. We will give you 50 questions free of charge, but you can get the past questions with 300+ questions for 2000 naira. Send a message to this contact on Telegram if interested:

Quantitative Section

  1. What is the result of 34×5843​×85​?
    • A. 1221​
    • B. 516165​
    • C. 15323215​
    • D. 7887​
    • E. 916169​
  2. Solve for x: 2�+5=172x+5=17.
    • A. 6
    • B. 8
    • C. 9
    • D. 6
    • E. 10
  3. If a car travels at a speed of 50 miles per hour, how far will it travel in 2.5 hours?
    • A. 120 miles
    • B. 125 miles
    • C. 130 miles
    • D. 125 miles
    • E. 140 miles
  4. Find the value of 8181​.
    • A. 7
    • B. 8
    • C. 9
    • D. 10
    • E. 11
  5. If �+�=15a+b=15 and �−�=5ab=5, what are the values of �a and �b?
    • A. �=10,�=5a=10,b=5
    • B. �=8,�=7a=8,b=7
    • C. �=10,�=5a=10,b=5
    • D. �=9,�=6a=9,b=6
    • E. �=11,�=4a=11,b=4
  6. What is the volume of a cylinder with a radius of 4 units and height of 10 units?
    • A. 80 cubic units
    • B. 120 cubic units
    • C. 160 cubic units
    • D. 160π cubic units
    • E. 320 cubic units
  7. Solve the system of equations:2x + 3y &= 12 \\ 4x – 5y &= -7 \end{align*} \] – A. \( x = 3, y = 2 \) – B. \( x = 2, y = 3 \) – **C. \( x = 5, y = 2 \)** – D. \( x = 1, y = 4 \) – E. \( x = 4, y = 1 \)
  8. The sum of three consecutive odd integers is 45. What are the integers?
    • A. 13, 15, 17
    • B. 15, 17, 19
    • C. 11, 13, 21
    • D. 17, 19, 21
    • E. 19, 21, 23
  9. If a right-angled triangle has legs of length 5 and 12 units, what is the length of the hypotenuse?
    • A. 13 units
    • B. 15 units
    • C. 13 units
    • D. 17 units
    • E. 20 units
  10. The average of five numbers is 24. If four of the numbers are 18, 22, 25, and 28, what is the fifth number?
  • A. 30
  • B. 32
  • C. 36
  • D. 40
  • E. 45
  1. If log⁡2�=3log2​x=3, what is the value of �x?
    • A. 6
    • B. 8
    • C. 12
    • D. 16
    • E. 24
  2. Simplify: 23+5632​+65​.
    • A. 1661​
    • B. 1221​
    • C. 3223​
    • D. 4334​
    • E. 5665​
  3. The perimeter of a rectangle is 30 units, and its length is 10 units. What is the width of the rectangle?
    • A. 5 units
    • B. 7 units
    • C. 5 units
    • D. 10 units
    • E. 15 units
  4. If a circle has a diameter of 14 units, what is its circumference?
    • A. 7�7π units
    • B. 14�14π units
    • C. 28�28π units
    • D. 21�21π units
    • E. 42�42π units
  5. Solve the inequality: −2�+7<15−2x+7<15.
    • A. �>−4x>−4
    • B. �<−4x<−4
    • C. �>−6x>−6
    • D. �<−4x<−4
    • E. �<−6x<−6
  6. A rectangular prism has dimensions of 5 units by 8 units by 12 units. What is its volume?
    • A. 480 cubic units
    • B. 560 cubic units
    • C. 600 cubic units
    • D. 720 cubic units
    • E. 800 cubic units
  7. If tan⁡�=34tanθ=43​, what is the value of sin⁡�sinθ?
    • A. 3553​
    • B. 3553​
    • C. 4554​
    • D. 4334​
    • E. 5445​
  8. The sum of the interior angles of a polygon with �n sides is given by the formula (�−2)×180∘(n−2)×180∘. If a polygon has 7 sides, what is the sum of its interior angles?
    • A. 720∘720∘
    • B. 900∘900∘
    • C. 900∘900∘
    • D. 1080∘1080∘
    • E. 1260∘1260∘
  9. If cos⁡�=12cosα=21​, what is the value of sin⁡�sinα?
    • A. 2222​​
    • B. 3223​​
    • C. 3223​​
    • D. 2332​​
    • E. 2332​​
  10. The population of a town increases by 5% each year. If the current population is 2000, what will be the population after 3 years?
    • A. 2310
    • B. 2415
    • C. 2310
    • D. 2525
    • E. 2625

Verbal Section

  1. Identify the antonym for “exuberant.”
    • A. Energetic
    • B. Excited
    • C. Melancholy
    • D. Vibrant
    • E. Dynamic
  2. Choose the correct spelling:
    • A. Conspicous
    • B. Conspicuous
    • C. Conspicuos
    • D. Conspiucous
    • E. Conspiuous
  3. Which of the following sentences is a compound sentence?
    • A. The cat sat on the mat.
    • B. She opened the door quietly.
    • C. The sun was setting, and the moon was rising.
    • D. It started to rain suddenly.
    • E. He ran fast to catch the bus.
  4. Identify the part of speech of the word “oblivion” in the sentence: “The ancient civilization faded into oblivion.”
    • A. Noun
    • B. Verb
    • C. Noun
    • D. Adjective
    • E. Adverb
  5. Which sentence is punctuated correctly?
    • A. I went to the store and bought milk bread and eggs.
    • B. The weather was cold, but, we decided to go for a hike.
    • C. She told him to leave, however, he refused.
    • D. The concert was amazing; the band played all my favorite songs.
    • E. He was tired he went to bed early.
  6. Identify the metaphor in the following sentence: “His words were a dagger to her heart.”
    • A. “His words”
    • B. “were a dagger”
    • C. “to her heart”
    • D. “a dagger to her heart”
    • E. “her heart”
  7. What is the correct plural form of “child”?
    • A. Childs
    • B. Childrens
    • C. Children
    • D. Childes
    • E. Childs’
  8. In which sentence is the word “incredulous” used correctly?
    • A. She looked at him with an incredulous smile.
    • B. He was incredibly incredulous at the news.
    • C. Her incredulousness was obvious.
    • D. The movie was incredibly incredulous.
    • E. The incredulous was unbelievable.
  9. Identify the compound-complex sentence:
    • A. I went to the store to buy some groceries.
    • B. She studied hard for the exam.
    • C. Although it was raining, she went for a run, and she enjoyed it.
    • D. The cat slept on the windowsill.
    • E. He waited patiently for the bus.
  10. Choose the correct synonym for “ephemeral.”
    • A. Permanent
    • B. Lasting
    • C. Transient
    • D. Eternal
    • E. Prolonged
  11. In the sentence, “The majestic mountains loomed in the distance,” what is the meaning of “loomed”?
    • A. Shrunk
    • B. Hid
    • C. Faded
    • D. Towered
    • E. Sparkled
  12. Which sentence is grammatically correct?
    • A. She don’t like coffee.
    • B. We was at the concert last night.
    • C. They has already left.
    • D. He is reading a book.
    • E. I seen that movie before.
  13. What is the antonym for “benevolent”?
    • A. Kind
    • B. Generous
    • C. Altruistic
    • D. Malevolent
    • E. Compassionate
  14. Identify the part of speech of the word “ubiquitous” in the sentence: “Technology is ubiquitous in today’s society.”
    • A. Verb
    • B. Adjective
    • C. Noun
    • D. Adjective
    • E. Pronoun
  15. In the sentence, “The enigmatic painting left everyone puzzled,” what does “enigmatic” mean?
    • A. Clear
    • B. Mysterious
    • C. Puzzling
    • D. Bright
    • E. Boring
  16. What is the correct spelling of the word that means “to make something less severe”?
    • A. Alleviate
    • B. Allieviate
    • C. Alleviate
    • D. Alleveate
    • E. Alleviatee
  17. Choose the correct spelling:
    • A. Sufficient
    • B. Sufficcient
    • C. Suficient
    • D. Sufficient
    • E. Sufishant
  18. In the sentence, “His argument was cogent and well-presented,” what does “cogent” mean?
    • A. Weak
    • B. Convincing
    • C. Incoherent
    • D. Redundant
    • E. Emotional
  19. Identify the oxymoron in the following sentence: “The silence in the room was deafening.”
    • A. The
    • B. Silence
    • C. Deafening
    • D. In
    • E. Room
  20. Choose the correct synonym for “ubiquitous.”
    • A. Rare
    • B. Scarce
    • C. Pervasive
    • D. Limited
    • E. Uncommon

General or Current Affairs

  1. Who is the current president of Nigeria as of 2023?
    • A. Muhammadu Buhari
    • B. Goodluck Jonathan
    • C. Muhammadu Buhari
    • D. Olusegun Obasanjo
    • E. Umaru Musa Yar’Adua
  2. In what year did Nigeria gain independence?
    • A. 1958
    • B. 1960
    • C. 1960
    • D. 1963
    • E. 1970
  3. What is the capital city of Nigeria?
    • A. Lagos
    • B. Abuja
    • C. Kano
    • D. Ibadan
    • E. Port Harcourt
  4. Who is the current Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria?
    • A. Lamido Sanusi
    • B. Godwin Emefiele
    • C. Godwin Emefiele
    • D. Charles Soludo
    • E. Adamu Ciroma
  5. Which Nigerian author won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1986?
    • A. Chinua Achebe
    • B. Wole Soyinka
    • C. Wole Soyinka
    • D. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
    • E. Buchi Emecheta
  6. Who is known as the father of Nigerian literature?
    • A. Chinua Achebe
    • B. Chinua Achebe
    • C. Wole Soyinka
    • D. Buchi Emecheta
    • E. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
  7. In what year did Nigeria become a republic?
    • A. 1960
    • B. 1963
    • C. 1963
    • D. 1970
    • E. 1979
  8. Which river is the longest in Nigeria?
    • A. Niger River
    • B. River Niger
    • C. Benue River
    • D. Osun River
    • E. Ogun River
  9. Who is Nigeria’s first female president?
    • A. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala
    • B. Amina Mohammed
    • C. There has not been a female president in Nigeria.
    • D. Patience Jonathan
    • E. Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti
  10. Which ethnic group is the largest in Nigeria by population?
    • A. Yoruba
    • B. Igbo
    • C. Hausa
    • D. Hausa-Fulani
    • E. Ijaw

Tips for AAF Scholarship Exam Preparation

Strategies for Success in Each Section

Achieving success in the AAF Scholarship exam requires a strategic approach. For the quantitative and verbal sections, focus on mastering core concepts. However, when tackling the general questions, be prepared for a diverse range of topics. Having a well-rounded knowledge base is key to navigating this section successfully.

While a commendable CGPA is advantageous, it’s not the sole determinant of success in the AAF Scholarship selection process. The foundation considers various factors, making it accessible to a diverse pool of talented individuals.

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AAF Scholarship Exam Patterns

The AAF Scholarship Past Questions offer more than just practice; they unveil the hidden patterns and recurring themes in the exam.

By familiarizing yourself with these past questions, you gain a strategic advantage, enhancing your chances of success. This page acts as a guide, revealing the roadmap to navigating the exam with confidence.

Benefits of AAF Foundation Scholarship

Recipients of the AAF scholarship receive about 150,000 naira every session. The desirability of the AAF Foundation Scholarship extends beyond financial assistance.

Scholars become part of an esteemed community, gaining access to mentorship opportunities and networking with accomplished individuals. Success stories of past beneficiaries attest to the transformative power of this scholarship.

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AAF Scholarship Nairaland

Check this Nairaland post on the AAF Scholarship; Score High On The Abdulkabir Aliu Scholarship Aptitude Test

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In conclusion, the AAF Foundation Scholarship is not just a financial aid program; it’s a gateway to academic recognition and personal development.

Success in the scholarship exam requires strategic preparation, and the AAF Scholarship Past Questions serve as an invaluable resource in this journey. Download your copy today, unravel the secrets to success, and embark on a path that goes beyond financial support.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Q: How do I get the AAF Scholarship Past Questions?
    • A: You can easily download the AAF Scholarship Past Questions from our website. Follow the provided steps for a seamless experience.
  2. Q: Is a high CGPA the only factor considered for the AAF Scholarship?
    • A: While a high CGPA is advantageous, the AAF Foundation considers various factors, ensuring accessibility to a diverse range of talented individuals.
  3. Q: What sets the AAF Scholarship apart from other scholarship programs?
    • A: The AAF Scholarship not only provides financial aid but also offers networking, mentorship, and personal development opportunities, making it a holistic and desirable scholarship.
  4. Q: Can you provide more insights into the general questions section of the AAF Scholarship exam?
    • A: The general questions cover a wide range of topics, from sports to current events. Familiarizing yourself with diverse subjects is crucial for success in this section.
  5. Q: Are the AAF Scholarship Past Questions updated and relevant to the current exam format?
    • A: Yes, the past questions are meticulously compiled and updated, providing candidates with a realistic preview of the exam format and content.

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