UNILORIN Admission List 2021/2022- How Many Students Have Accepted Admission?

How many students have been offered admission?


The past few weeks have come with anxiety for many UNILORIN aspirants. University of Ilorin began admission processing via JAMB CAPS (Central Admissions Processing System) few weeks ago and over the space of two weeks, thousands of candidates have accepted their admission.


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How Does UNILORIN Give Admission?

The admission process of UNILORIN is not publicly known. The JAMB score, O level, PUTME score and catchment area factors are used to process admission via JAMB CAPS.

Aspirants that have not been offered admission yet simply need to stay glued to the JAMB CAPS has the school is yet to reach even half of its admission capacity.

A total of 87 aspirants have accepted their admission for Accounting. For some courses, the institution has offered few aspirants admission so there is no cause for panic.

Below are some courses and the number of students that have been offered admission.

Accounting: 87

Adult Education: 7

Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering: 32

Agricultural Science and Education: 20

Agriculture: 105

Anatomy: 115

Architecture: 37

Biochemistry: 115

Biomedical Engineering: 18

Business Administration: 65

Chemical Engineering: 42

Chemistry: 126

Civil Engineering: 67

Common Law: 51

Common and Islamic Law: 31

Computer Engineering: 44

Computer Science: 74

Criminology: 65

Doctor of Pharmacy: 79

Electrical/Electronics Engineering: 67

English Language: 140

Estate Management: 11

HIS: 139

Linguistics: 125

Marketing: 30

Mass Communication: 67

Mathematics: 47

Mechanical Engineering: 69

MLS: 56

Medicine and Surgery: 104

Nursing: 0

Optometry: 39

Performing Arts: 111

Physics: 44

Plant Biology: 93

Political Science: 113

Statistics: 31

Veterinary Medicine: 55

Zoology: 56

If your course is not included here kindly click here to check for your department.

There is no cause for alarm as the University always offers at least 12,000 aspirants admission.

If you already see AIP in your JAMB CAPS you can rest assured that you have been offered admission.

Can you see AIP and not be given admission?

This happens in extremely rare cases.

Has UNILORIN released Admission List 2022?

Yes. There is a space for aspirants to check for their names. Click here.

How many students will UNILORIN admit?

12,000 aspirants. A minimum of 12,000 students will be offered admission by the University of Ilorin.

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