NDA Cut Off Mark [JAMB & Departmental]

NDA Cut Off Mark [JAMB & Departmental]


The Nigerian Defense Academy (NDA) is not just any institution. It stands tall as a beacon of excellence in Nigeria’s educational landscape. For many years, it has been at the forefront of military education in the nation, molding the minds of young men and women to serve and protect. The rigorous training, the quality of education, and the values instilled in its students are what set the academy apart from other institutions in the country.


Founded with a vision, the NDA has continuously upheld its commitment to quality and excellence. Over the years, it has seen numerous batches of cadets walk through its gates, eager to learn and serve their nation. These cadets, after undergoing meticulous training, emerge as some of the finest military personnel not just in Nigeria, but across the African continent.

The academy’s reputation is not just built on its training alone. It’s a product of the hard work, dedication, and sacrifice of both its teaching staff and students. The bond formed within the walls of this institution is strong, with an emphasis on discipline, respect, and integrity. These are the core values that every NDA student is expected to uphold, values that they carry with them long after they graduate.

However, getting into the NDA is no small feat. Thousands of hopefuls dream of becoming a part of this esteemed institution every year. But only a select few make the cut. The selection process is stringent, ensuring that only the best and most dedicated get to wear the academy’s badge.

Central to this selection process is the NDA cut-off mark. This mark serves as a benchmark, a standard that every aspirant must strive to meet or exceed. It is a reflection of the academy’s commitment to maintaining its high standards. After all, the defense of a nation requires nothing but the best.

The cut-off mark thus stands as a significant hurdle, one of the first in a series of challenges that aspirants will face in their journey to become a part of the NDA. It determines if they are fit, both academically and mentally, to undertake the rigorous training and education the academy offers.

In essence, the NDA is more than just an educational institution. It is a crucible where Nigeria’s future military leaders are forged, and the cut-off mark is the first step in that transformative journey.

NDA Cut Off Mark 2023/2024 (JAMB & Departmental)

Here you will find both the JAMB and departmental cut off marks for NDA:

JAMB Cut Off Mark for NDA

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) is Nigeria’s official entrance examination board for tertiary-level institutions.

For the 2023/2024 academic session, NDA’s general JAMB cut-off mark is set at 180. This means candidates who score below 180 are automatically disqualified from the NDA admission process.

Departmental Cut Off Marks for NDA

Each department within NDA might have its specific cut-off mark, based on the competitiveness and specifics of the course.

Courses such as Engineering and Pharmacy, known to be highly competitive, tend to have higher cut-off marks.

NDA Cut Off Mark for Nursing

Here you will find both the JAMB and departmental cut off marks for NDA Nursing:

JAMB Cut Off Mark for NDA Nursing

For the Nursing department, a competitive course in NDA, the JAMB cut-off mark is stringent. However, scoring just the exact cut-off mark might not guarantee admission, given the competitiveness.

Departmental Cut Off Mark for NDA Nursing

Like other departments, Nursing might have a distinct cut-off mark based on several academic criteria.

NDA Cut Off Mark for Medicine

Here you will find both the JAMB and departmental cut off marks for NDA Medicine:

JAMB Cut Off Mark for NDA Medicine

Medicine, being a premier course, has its unique JAMB cut-off mark. It’s typically set high to sieve the number of aspirants.

Departmental Cut Off Mark for NDA Medicine

Specific departmental cut-off marks for Medicine are usually released closer to the admission date. It is typically one of the highest, reflecting the course’s competitive nature.

NDA Cut Off Mark for Navy

Here you will find both the JAMB and departmental cut off marks for NDA Navy:

JAMB Cut Off Mark for NDA Navy

Aspiring naval officers must meet a specific JAMB cut-off mark, which is typically reflective of the course’s competitiveness.

Departmental Cut Off Mark for NDA Navy

The departmental cut-off mark for Navy varies year by year, often reflecting the number of applicants and the academy’s available slots.

NDA Cut Off Mark for Air Force

Here you will find both the JAMB and departmental cut off marks for NDA Airforce:

JAMB Cut Off Mark for NDA Air Force

Those with aspirations for the Air Force department are also subjected to a particular JAMB cut-off mark.

Departmental Cut Off Mark for NDA Air Force

Like the Navy, the departmental cut-off mark for the Air Force depends on several academic and strategic factors.

FAQs on NDA Cut Off Mark

  • What is the JAMB score for NDA?
    • The general JAMB score for NDA for the 2023/2024 academic session is 180.
  • What is the cut-off mark for jamb 2023?
    • The general JAMB cut-off mark for NDA in 2023 is set at 180.
  • Does NDA use the JAMB UTME result for admission?
    • Yes, NDA uses the JAMB UTME result as a preliminary screening tool for admissions.
  • Can I study in NDA without JAMB?
    • JAMB is a prerequisite for gaining admission into NDA. Exceptions might exist but are rare.
    • How can I apply for the NDA admission?
      • The application for NDA can be done through their official website, where aspirants can find the application form, guidelines, and other relevant details.
    • Is there an age limit for NDA applicants?
      • Yes, NDA typically sets an age range for its applicants. It’s essential to check the specific age requirements for the year of application.
    • What are the physical fitness requirements for NDA admission?
      • NDA usually has stringent physical fitness and medical requirements, considering it’s a military institution. Detailed requirements are often listed on their official site or in the application materials.
    • Do I need to have specific subjects in my O’Level results to be considered for admission?
      • Yes, different courses have specific subject requirements. Ensure you meet the subject prerequisites for your chosen course.
    • Is there a separate entrance exam for NDA admission?
      • Besides the JAMB score, NDA conducts its entrance examination, which is usually followed by an interview and other screening processes.
    • How many intakes does NDA have in a year?
      • NDA typically has one intake annually. Their admission process usually starts with the release of the JAMB cut-off mark.
    • Does NDA offer scholarships or financial aid?
      • NDA might offer scholarships or financial assistance, especially for exceptional candidates or those from specific backgrounds. It’s best to inquire directly or check their official website.
    • Are female candidates allowed to apply for NDA?
      • Yes, female candidates are welcomed to apply, but there might be specific courses or units not open to females due to the nature of the training.
    • How long is the training duration at NDA?
      • The duration depends on the course and the program. Typically, regular combatant courses last for 5 years, which includes 4 years of academic studies and 1 year of military training.
    • What happens after the training at NDA?
    • Graduates from NDA are commissioned into the Armed Forces of Nigeria. They either proceed to the Nigerian Army, Navy, or Air Force, depending on their course of study and specialization.


Gaining admission into the Nigerian Defense Academy is a competitive process. Meeting the cut-off mark is a significant first step, but aspirants should aim to surpass these marks to improve their chances, given the institution’s competitive nature.


  • Meeting the cut-off mark is just the beginning.
  • Departments like Medicine, Nursing, and Engineering are highly competitive.
  • Always aim to score higher than the minimum cut-off mark.
  • Stay informed on departmental cut-off marks as they can vary from the general cut-off mark.


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