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Is ASUU really going on a strike?

There have been many strike threats by ASUU in the past with many students scorning the association for being all talk and no action, but is this really a serious threat?

ASUU has been agitating for the federal government to meet their requests since last year, but the government has been doing nothing about it.

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There was a little moment of peace when the federal government stated that it had made payment of the arrears they owe ASUU but the staff union later debunked the claims.

Information from different sources confirms that ASUU is more than serious about this strike.

The association claims that the federal government has been dribbling them without paying attention to their need and requests.

The nation-wide strike is set to commence tomorrow. However, they have instructed institutions to commence a warning strike. Some schools have postponed exams by two days or a day.

Are you a student of UNILORIN? Do not doubt if the school is part of ASUU. They are part and the school has declared a warning strike tomorrow. All exams have been postponed to 12th of February.

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