How to Reverse MTN Airtime Purchase From Bank

How to Reverse MTN Airtime purchase from bank –


How do you reverse MTN airtime purchase from the bank?


MTN has a very good customer care agency, and have a solution provided just in case their users need to reverse airtime purchase. There are two ways to reverse airtime purchase with MTN.

The first is by using the customer care service method.

To reverse your MTN airtime purchase back to another phone number, dial the customer care line of MTN, 80310180 to resolve it. How do you use Customer Care to reverse MTN airtime purchase?

These are the steps to take to reverse MTN airtime purchase.

Act very fast. Many sly and dishonest people who get airtime credits from unknown numbers would try to use the airtime to subscribe for data bundles.

This means you just have to be fast. Once the person you sent the airtime to uses any part of it, it becomes impossible to reverse the airtime.

Call MTN`s customer care agency. The next thing to do is to call the customer care agency using this phone number 80310180.

Explain your problem carefully. You want to reverse the airtime you transferred to a certain wrong number to a new phone number.

Provide the details you will be required to. You will be asked by the customer care official on the line to provide the following details:

  • Your full name
  • Your phone number
  • The last airtime or data purchase you made on your phone number.
  • The phone number you want to reverse the airtime to.

After submitting these few details, you should only wait for a few minutes before your airtime would be reversed back into your balance. However, if you bought an excessive amount of airtime for yourself mistakenly, there is an easier way that you could use to convert your MTN airtime back into cash.

How to Convert MTN Airtime Back to Cash in Your Bank Account

How to reverse or convert your MTN airtime back into bank account?

All banks have provided a way to correct errors in payment caused by the customers, and even airtime purchase has a solution.

Many times, people complain that they mistakenly bought airtime of N10000 instead of N1000. Reversing your MTN airtime purchase back into cash is not difficult at all, only that it is not as easy as just normal airtime reversal.

The only thing to do is to contact the bank customer care immediately. Copy your bank`s customer care line from the debit alert you get when you make the purchase. It is always written as the last part of the message. If you are unable to find it there, check the back of your bank ATM card. It will be written there.

State the issue to the bank official on the line. After a bit of time, your airtime would be reversed back into your bank account.

The same process is applicable for all Nigerian banks. However, this may not always work, and there is a simple solution just in case.

An alternative to using the bank customer care is by registering on one of the many platforms that convert airtime to cash for you.

Some of these platforms are:

  • Modelc
  • Aimtoget
  • Eazymobile
  • Zoranga
  • Airtimedatahub
  • Cheetahpay etc.

Register on these platforms and easily convert your MTN airtime into cash for your bank account.

However, the best thing is prevention. Using the mobile app of the bank you use to purchase airtime will go a long way to ensure that you are saved the troubles of converting your airtime back to cash.


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