How to Reverse Airtime Purchase From Bank

How To Reverse Airtime Purchase From The Bank-


How do you reverse airtime purchased from the bank?


Many people frequently make the mistake of overbuying airtime or even transferring airtime to a wrong person.

Can you reverse airtime purchased from the bank?
This is very possible as this article will explain the process, however, let’s talk about causes of airtime purchase mistakes and preventing it.

Stats show that majority of the people who use USSD codes to purchase their airtime make more mistakes than those using the bank mobile applications.

This is because most bank application softwares will ask you to confirm the details of the recipient before sending the airtime.
However, most people prefer the use of USSD codes to purchase airtime because it’s the easier and faster way, and plus, you can use USSD codes on very small phones without data.

This is probably the cause of such airtime purchase mistakes.
A good way to preventing yourself from making mistakes when purchasing airtime is by using the bank mobile app.

Mistakes could still happen but the probability is less. Many people make the mistake of buying airtime instead of transferring money.

What are the airtime purchase problems we’ll teach you to solve?

  • How to reverse airtime purchased from bank to another phone number.
  • How to reverse airtime purchased from bank to cash.
  • How to reverse airtime purchased for another phone number to your own phone number.

One incredibly helpful factor is that most banks have automated a limit for airtime purchase.
This way, you can’t possibly lost more than N10000 or N5000 in any way.

Recharge limits for Access Bank and Sterling Bank is N5000 while GTBank and First bank have recharge limits of N10000.

This way, there’s no way you can make the mistake of purchasing more than N5000 or N10000 airtime from the banks in the first place.

Can I Reverse My Airtime Purchase With Another Phone Number?

Yes, of course.
However, in order to reverse airtime purchased from a bank to your account as money, the phone number used to purchase the airtime must be registered with the bank.
We are made to understand that reversals of airtime purchase using other users’ numbers are not allowed because it’ll fail to be scam-proof.

Can I Reverse The Airtime Purchase I Planned To Send To a friend But Was Mistakenly Sent To The Wrong Number?

Yes! Here is the process.
In order to reverse airtime you intended to purchase for a friend or relative and mistakenly it was sent to a wrong number, you have to make sure that the other person doesn’t use the airtime.

This only means you have to act fast.
First step is to call the customer care service.

Explain to them and they will ask for some details of yours, such as: Full name, Phone number, and last airtime or data purchase you did, and the phone number you wish to reverse the airtime into.
You will be asked to provide the phone number of the person you wrongly sent the airtime to including the amount you sent.
The Network Customer care will reverse your airtime immediately if the recipient hasn’t used the airtime.

How Can I Reverse My Airtime Purchase To Cash If The Mistake Has Been Made?

All banks understand that users make mistakes concerning transfers and airtime purchase frequently, so they have out a mechanism in place in case of such problems.
The first thing to do is to call the bank customer care number.
Most times it will be written in your debit alert. If you don’t find it there you can check your ATM card, as the Bank’s customer care service line is always written there.

Do not use the airtime before you report the issue to the bank, as that’ll mean that you can’t reverse it anymore.

The process can take a while because the bank will have to contact your mobile service care line too for them to reverse the airtime.
This procedure applies to every bank.
However, I understand that you may not remember all these process easily, so kindly bookmark this website and save the article.
You can refer to it anytime you may need it.


How can you avoid airtime purchase mistakes?

This is quite a simple thing. Many banks have out in place a technique of saving recipients of transfers or airtime purchase.
Save the recipients that you may want to transfer to later.
This means that their correct details will be saved, and you will just have to click on their names. That way, there will be no mistake that will cause you to look for how to reverse airtime purchase.


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