Citi Polytechnic Abuja Courses and Requirements

Citi Polytechnic


Citi Polytechnic, situated in Dutse Alhaji, FCT Abuja, stands as a beacon of academic excellence since its establishment in 2018. Accredited by the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE), Citi Polytechnic has been providing quality education and practical skills to students in North Central Nigeria. This article explores the diverse courses offered at Citi Polytechnic, shedding light on the opportunities it presents for aspiring students.

Citi Polytechnic List of Courses


Citi Polytechnic offers a range of high-quality courses designed to prepare students for the dynamic demands of the professional world. Accreditation and recognition by the NBTE underscore the institution’s commitment to providing a well-rounded education. The following are some of the courses on offer:

  1. Business Administration & Management
  2. Computer Engineering
  3. Computer Science
  4. Electrical/Electronic Engineering Technology

These courses reflect Citi Polytechnic’s dedication to offering programs that align with the contemporary job market, ensuring that graduates are well-prepared for the challenges of their respective fields.

Citi Polytechnic Admission Procedures and Core Objectives

Core Objectives:

Citi Polytechnic is guided by core values, namely learning, integrity, excellence, and service. The institution’s vision is to become a first-choice technical institution in Nigeria, driven by enduring legacies of hard work, discipline, sincerity, probity, and accountability.

Admission Procedures:

Admission into Citi Polytechnic follows the procedures, conditions, and requirements established by the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB). Prospective students can apply for main courses, including:

  • Social Science: Mass Communication
  • Science: Computer Science
  • Social Art: Business Administration
  • Science: Electrical Electronic Engineering Technology
  • Science: Computer Engineering Technology

These courses reflect the institution’s commitment to providing a well-rounded education that spans various disciplines.

Citi Polytechnic Courses Explanation

1. Mass Communication:

  • To succeed as journalists in the digital age, students in the National Diploma program in Journalism develop essential writing and reporting abilities.

2. Computer Science:

  • The concentration in computer science imparts knowledge and skills for present and future use, providing graduates with access to a vast range of opportunities.

3. Business Administration:

  • The National Diploma in Business Administration prepares students for supervisory careers in the management of industry, commerce, and government ministries. The curriculum emphasizes real-world applications.

4. Electrical Electronic Engineering Technology:

  • This course focuses on the foundation of inventions that enhance life quality, enable economic progress, and solve societal issues within the realm of electrical engineering.

5. Computer Engineering Technology:

  • Computer engineers combine electrical engineering and computer science to create new technologies and interactions between computation and the outside world.

Citi Polytechnic Achievements and Experienced Staff


Citi Polytechnic boasts a track record of success, with 1000 graduates, 500 certified teachers, 100 student campuses, and a total student population of 6285. These achievements reflect the institution’s commitment to providing a conducive learning environment.

Experienced Staff

The experienced staff at Citi Polytechnic, led by Rector Simeon Barinyima Nwate and Registrar Brighten Friday Saagwe, among others, contributes to the institution’s success. Their commitment to creating a practical-oriented citadel of learning aligns with the institution’s vision.

Citi Polytechnic Student Testimonials

The voices of students past and present provide valuable insights into the Citi Polytechnic experience:

  • Adedeji O. (Student): “It was my immense luck and fortune to be part of Citi Polytechnic where I can grow.”
  • Bright Johnson (Student): “Great experience from Citi. You get a lot of opportunities. Work hard to get it. Be prepared for everything. Maintain your attendance.”
  • Peter Grace (Student): “My experience at Citi Polytechnic is great and memorable. The mentors at Citi poly helped us enhance our academic and interpersonal skills.”
  • Olayiwola Taiwo John (Student): “It was a great experience studying at Citi Polytechnic, a memory to cherish for a lifetime.”


In conclusion, Citi Polytechnic in Abuja stands as a testament to the possibilities within the realm of technical education. Through its diverse courses, experienced staff, and commitment to core values, the institution provides a holistic learning experience. Aspiring students are not only equipped with academic knowledge but also nurtured in character and practical skills essential for their future endeavors.

Citi Polytechnic serves as a gateway to academic excellence, fostering an environment where creativity, innovation, technology, and ideas converge. By staying true to its core values, Citi Polytechnic paves the way for students to become successful entrepreneurs and leaders of tomorrow.


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