Who is Highdee?- President of Unilorin’s Biochemistry Department

Who is Highdee?

Many new students have been quite eager to know more about their favourite president, President of Biochemistry department, Highdee.


During an interview session with Schoolroomnews, the jovial and considerate president shared what his experience has been with the University of Ilorin and his advice to freshers.

What’s your full name sir?


Salaudeen Olayinka Idris

Please introduce yourself sir.

I’m from Isin LGA of Kwara state and I live in Olorunsogo area of Ilorin.

I went to St Charles Nursery and Primary School and I also attended St Charles Junior Sec School.

However, I had my senior secondary school education at St Anthony’s Sec School.

Why did you decide to attend Unilorin?

There was no particular reason for deciding to attend unilorin, it was basically about the hype around them not being a member of ASUU and their stable academic calendar.

And you know, there’s a Yoruba adage that says “Oun ti a n wa ló si Sokoto,o wa lapò Sòkòtò wa” hence why I decided to come here.

The story behind getting admission is very crazy and funny, but Alhamdulilah.

If you don’t give up, you’ll surely succeed in all you lay your hands on, I can’t tell the story here, its a long one.

But Alhamdulilah, my admission into Biochemistry was smooth but the year before that,I gained admission too but due to one or two I couldn’t be matriculated.

What has it been like being the president of Biochemistry department?

Being president of the department,

Ah, It’s been crazy😂

Its been crazy, its been challenging, yeah its also been adventurous and most importantly, its been making me grow positively.

But you see, the best resources in life as far as I’m concerned is “human resources”… Your connections and your network, the people around me and their immense support has made the work easier a little bit.

I’m still learning, I’m still growing, I’m still making mistakes and learning from them.

One day, after all of these is over, I hope to write a book about my experience as a departmental president and how it has shaped me, my ideologies and the way I see things.

What’s your best moment in this school?

Best moment in this school ? I really can’t say I have any, I’ve enjoyed several moments but I can’t put a tag to which one is the best.

For example, when my friend, Oladimeji Kazeem was announced winner, as a senator representing life sciences, it was a crazy experience!

When Life Sciences won the SU cup too (for the first time) and winning it again the second time back to back.

Those moments, I cherish them a lot.

And right now, I can’t say,there are other moments too actually.

What’s your advice to freshers?

Advice to freshers is as always.

Be focused !

That’s just a brief of what its been like.

The school is a market place.

Don’t get distracted by market noise and forget why you’re here in the first place.

Give it all it takes, have a solid and good CGPA in 100 level, you’ll be glad.

While doing that too, remember to at least participate in at least one beneficial extracellular activity… There is the Unilorin Drug Free club, the UCJ, the Mental Health Awareness Initiative, the Unilorin Debate Club and loads of other amazing societies that’ll shape you to being better individuals.


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