When Is WAEC Starting 2024? Timetable & Commencement Date

Many students in SS2 or SS3 who are looking forward to writing the next WAEC examination are looking for when WAEC exams 2024 will commence. If you are one of these students or you are a guardian or even just a curious fellow, you are reading the right blog.


This article by Schoolroomnews will answer all the questions you have such as When Is WAEC 2024 Starting? Has WAEC started Registration for 2024? When will WAEC start in Nigeria? which day will WAEC start? which month will WASSCE start? how Much is WAEC registration?


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Keypoints – When Is WAEC Starting 2024?

WAEC Registration BeginsDecember 2023
Registration CostEighteen thousand Naira (NGN18,000) (Private schools charge more than actual cost)
WAEC Exam Start DateMay, 2023
Date for Waec Exam Last PaperJune, 2023

Now that you know the keypoints, kindly read the entire article to gain full knowledge of what you need to prepare for WAEC and the WAEC registration date and price.

What Is WAEC?

WAEC, or West Africa Examination Council, was established in 1952. Its primary role is to oversee examinations for countries like Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Gambia. This organization ensures that students from these countries are given a standardized evaluation towards the end of their secondary school journey.

Is WASSCE Registration Form For 2024 Out?

As of now, the WAEC Registration form for 2024 is not officially available. Students are advised to remain patient and await an official announcement regarding the release of the registration forms.

When Will WAEC Registration 2024/2025 Start?

Based on previous patterns, the WAEC form’s sale is expected to kick off in December 2023. Though this date isn’t set in stone, it provides a tentative timeframe for students and educators to prepare.

How To Register For WAEC

The WASSCE is categorized into three primary exams:

  1. WASSCE for Private Candidates (First Series) from January to February.
  2. WASSCE for School Candidates from March to May.
  3. WASSCE for Private Candidates (Main GCE) from September to October.

For school students, the registration can only be done through their respective secondary schools. On the other hand, private candidates can process their registration online via the official WAEC website.

How Much Is WAEC Registration Fee?

For the academic year of 2024/2025, the WAEC registration fee has been set at Eighteen thousand Naira (NGN18,000).

When Will WAEC Registration End?

The West African Examination Board has designated April 2024 as the closing date for standard WAEC registration. However, a late registration window will be available from late April to May 2024 for those who miss the initial deadline.

When Is WAEC 2024/2025 Exam Starting?

Examinations are scheduled to begin in May 2024, with the “Foods and Nutrition 3 (Practical) Planning Session” serving as the starting point.

Is WAEC Difficult to PASS?

I am not going to lie to you. WAEC exams are tough for the average Nigerian student. You have to be an excellent student to have credits in all your exams. This is because of the standard of education in Nigeria. If you intend to take the coming WAEC exams, studying a lot will do you an enormous amount of good.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. When will WAEC and NECO result be released? Traditionally, WAEC and NECO results are published 2-3 months post-examination. If the exam commences in May, the results can be expected around August.

2. Between WAEC And NECO Which Is More Difficult? Neither WAEC nor NECO is inherently harder than the other. Success in both examinations hinges on the student’s level of preparation.

3. Can You Prepare For WAEC In A Month? While it’s feasible to prepare for WAEC in a month, earlier preparation is advised. Nevertheless, intensive study in the final month can still prove beneficial.


The WAEC exam serves as a pivotal point in a student’s academic journey. Starting in December with the registration and culminating in May with the examination, this period is instrumental in shaping a student’s future.

Proper preparation is paramount, and it is crucial to stay updated with the official guidelines and timelines to ensure a seamless examination experience.


  • WAEC Start Date 2024: May 2024
  • Registration Begins: December 2023
  • Registration Fee: Eighteen thousand Naira (NGN18,000)
  • Last Exam Paper: June 2024
  • Conclusion: Proper preparation is the key to excel in WAEC exams.



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