10 Ways to Make Money Online in Nigeria as a Student 2023

Have you been looking for legit ways to make money online as a Nigerian student?


The economy of the country is at a deflated level and most Nigerian students feel the urge to start making money online as a side job before graduating. I have created a list of very profitable online businesses you can do to make money online as a Nigerian student.


For many people, the internet is a workplace, with many people into Affiliate Marketing, blogging, Graphic Design, Content writing, and many other online businesses that require no capital to start. As a student in Nigeria, it is very likely that your parents won`t provide you all the money that you need, and it is very wise to get yourself a profitable online business.

Even if you are skeptical, when the pressing needs come, you will gradually be convinced to learn how to make money online in Nigeria. Besides, no excuse can stop you as far as you can view this with your phone.

You don`t have a laptop? Well, there are legitimate ways you can make money with your smartphone too.

How to make money with your phone in Nigeria

In the online market, making money with your smartphone is the easiest thing to do. You could start Graphic Design, Affiliate marketing, Ad creation, Video Creation, and many others.

What can a teenager do to earn money in Nigeria? Many people feel hopeless because of their age, however, age does not hinder making money online.

Hit 50K monthly.

I started making money online when I was 15, as a content writer, and I will share tips to help you in your online journey.

You can make a lot of money online as a teenager in Nigeria without spending a dime. Read this article carefully, and I will explain how. One of the possible ways of making money online in Nigeria without paying money to start is Graphic Design. Graphic Design is just one of the ways that you can make money online.

Below is a list of the businesses you can do to make money online as a student in Nigeria without buying any materials.

Businesses you can start online as a student in Nigeria

·        Graphic Design

·        Affiliate Marketing

·        Youtubing

·        Email Marketing

·        Facebook Ads/ Instagram Ads

·        Forex/Coin trading

·        Sell Facebook pages

·        Book Reviews

·        Scriptwriting/ Content Writing

·        Web Design/Website flipping

Graphic Design

Smartphone Graphic design is a goldmine for people who understand how the market works. You can learn smartphone graphic design here and start earning in either dollars or naira within six months or less depending on how consistent you are.

You may get contacted by brands or businesses and you can make a really great amount of money by designing carousels and 3D logos for them within minutes (No design costs less than N2000). To learn Graphic design for free, you can click here, subscribe to the channel and follow its updates.

However, you may need a mentor to teach you, put you through, and make you understand how to close sales. Click here.

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Youtube takes a lot of consistency, but I can assure that you will enjoy the profit when you start earning from it. You practically need nothing to start a youtube channel. All you need is to click on profile in your Youtube app, and create. Upload videos of what you know how to do best.

If you are really good at cooking then you can start uploading videos of how to cook delicious dishes. Whatever you are good at and think people want to learn, start creating the videos with consistency and before long, you will start earning in dollars with your monetization.


You can also open a website like this one and start writing on it. If you can`t write for your website, you could hire an excellent writer for a cheap rate here. After a few months, you can apply for adsense or use any other ad network like Adsterra and Ezoic to monetize your website. Join Adsterra and make over a hundred dollars per week.

Affiliate Marketing

What exactly is Affiliate Marketing?

You would probably have heard of affiliate marketing as a student, but you do not realize that it is what you do frequently without getting paid. An affiliate marketer simply markets a product with his skills and earns a fraction of the amount paid for each product.

Sometimes, affiliate marketers earn up to or more than 25,000 naira per sale. Famous affiliate marketers claim to have made up to hundreds of millions with Affiliate Marketing.

You can create a special two hours schedule per day as a student to write copies fro products you will sell, as each sale earns you a commission. Affiliate Marketing has proved to be an effective way of increasing or creating income for students in Nigeria. As of today, there are already over 20,000 affiliate marketers with Expertnaire, one of the best Affiliate Marketing webs.


Note that freelance doesn`t mean that you will be writing for free for clients. A freelance writer writes sales copies, scripts and content for websites.

To be specific, scriptwriting has to do with writing plots for plays and movies.

Web Content Writing

A web content writer writes content that is to be published on websites, and this seems to be one of the most difficult types of writing. A web content writer has to learn about Search engine optimization and be up-to-date with Google updates. Sometimes, they can get up to $10 or more for writing a thousand words.


A copy writer simply writes sales copies to compel viewers to do a particular thing. These writers are highly sought for all over the globe by business owners who own social media pages or websites. However, to do any of these, you may need up to a year or more to be called an amateur in writing. Also, you have to be a really good writer before you start learning these skills.

Facebook Ads

You can also earn money online as a Nigerian Student by running facebook ads for people who own businesses. A proper knowledge of ad targeting and other scopes will make this business very lucrative for you.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing may be a little complex term for people who know nothing about it. However, Email marketing simply means sending information about a brand to an Email list collected from a website for the purpose of making them buy goods or services.

For every purchase, you get a commission.

Sell photos.

If you are a good photographer and can create aesthetic photos and nice after effects, then you can sell your photos on platforms like Pixabay, Shutterstock, istockphoto and many others.


Mentioned above are just a few ways to make money online as a student in Nigeria. There are a lot of other ways to earn money as a Nigerian student, and you can ask here for a few inquiries.


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