Unilorin Student Union Issues Important Notice to Freshers


The student union management of the university of ilorin has issued a notice to freshmen concerning allocation of the public hostels.

This is considered an important and urgent move as it will reduce traffic congestion outside the school campus.


The management also reassured students of it’s determination to serve them to the best of their abilities and ensure smooth sail of school activities.

Here is the press release:






Modern Unilorites, The Leadership of the Union led by Faji Tobiloba in its conscious, unrelenting and burning desire to alleviate the transportation issue faced by Unilorites is delighted to announce an historic resolution.

As part of ongoing efforts and after due consultations with the school management, it has been agreed that hostel allocation should be made available for the newly admitted students(freshers).


It is without doubt that the early access to hostel allocation for freshers will reduce the congestion of students residing off-campus and at the same time ease transportation issues faced by students.

The date for the opening of the hostel allocation will be announced in due time. Freshers are however enjoined to note the following steps in the hostel allocation process.


Stage 1: Students are to check their portals for accommodation booking/reservation.

Stage 2: Reservation/booking shall be for a period of *72hours* only during which payment *MUST* be made.

Stage 3: Students are to print out the *Hostel Receipts* and *Hostel Application Forms* which will serve as *Hostel Pass.*

Stage 4: Students are to get their *Hostel Application Forms endorsed at the Student Affairs Unit.

Stage 5: Students are to proceed to their allocated *Hall of Residence for further documentation and occupancy.

Stage 6: STUDENTS MUST NOT TRANSFER OR SELL THEIR BEDSPACES to any person. Flouting of this order will result in a severe penalty by the Student Disciplinary Committee(SDC).

Returning students are enjoined to exercise patience as the hostel allocation process for them will be made available after the Senate sitting due to hold on the 19th of December, 2022.

Finally, be ensured that your well-being as students remain our utmost concern as a Development-Oriented Administration. Signed: FAJI Tobiloba


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