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How to Activate and Use Your Unilorin Student Email Address-

Navigating your academic journey in Unilorin just got easier! As a student of the University of Ilorin (Unilorin), you’re provided with an exclusive student email address that not only gives you access to institutional resources but also facilitates your participation in the Unilorin Virtual Classroom.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the entire process of setting up, activating, and integrating your student email address seamlessly into your daily routine.

Setting Up Your Student Email Address

Step 1: Understand your email format. Your student email username is your matric number, but remember to replace any slashes with hyphens. For instance, if your matric number is 19/30GN059, your email becomes 19-30GN059@students.unilorin.edu.ng.

Step 2: Navigate to the official login page of Unilorin.

Step 3: Input your student email address.

Step 4: New students, particularly those in 100 level, should use the default password: stdunilorin$2020.

Step 5: Accept the End User License Agreement (EULA) by clicking on Continue.

Joining the Unilorin Virtual Classroom

After activating your email, you’re set to register for the Unilorin Virtual Classroom. Here’s how:

Step 1: Visit Microsoft Teams’ signup page and choose ‘Sign up for free’.

Step 2: Use your student email for registration.

Step 3: Opt for your desired preference and continue.

Step 4: Key in your password and proceed to sign in.

Step 5: Fill in any additional required information and finalize by selecting ‘Set up Teams’.

Step 6: Decide how you’d like to access Teams – you can download the Windows app for either desktop or mobile.

Adding Your Student Email to Your Mobile Device

For students who prefer on-the-go access, here’s how you can integrate your student email into your device:

1. Open your preferred Email App.

2. Navigate to settings and select “Add account.”

3. Choose “Google.”

4. Input your student email address.

5. Provide the default password based on your level:

  • 100L: stdunilorin$2021
  • 200L: stdunilorin$2020
  • 300L: stdunilorin$2020
  • 400L: stdunilorin$2019

6. Accept the terms and your student email will be synchronized to your device.

Source: Triplehay of Unilorin 

For further information or assistance, feel free to contact Triplehay.

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