Who is Senator Algebra? Life Sciences Senator Unilorin

Who is Senator Algebra?


Both new and stale students of Unilorin have always wanted to know more about their lovely and intelligent tutor and Senator of Life Sciences, Senator Algebra.


During an interview session with Schoolroomnews, the well known and loved Senator shared what his experience has been with the University of Ilorin and his advice to freshers.

What’s your full name sir?

My name is Oladimeji Kazeem Kolawole popularly addressed as Algebra, a 400L biochemistry Unilorin student.
I hail from Osun state part of the country and I’m actually from the ancient town of Ikirun. I attended Samwagba Nursery and Primary school and I also attended it’s secondary school which I completed my secondary schooling in the year 2008.

Why did you decide to attend Unilorin?

Honestly speaking my beloved institution is Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile ife,but as God we have I’m a Unilorite today. I’ve not for once thought about coming to Unilorin in my life but admission will make you break your own rules sometimes. Thus, I settled for Unilorin out of admission frustration.
Getting admission into Unilorin didn’t come as a shock or surprise because this isn’t my first higher institution anyways, I’ve attended federal polytechnic, Offa where I completed my National Diploma in Science and Laboratory Technology. Although I was happy to be admitted here but not overwhelmed about it.

What has it been like being the senator representing Life Sciences?

Being a Senator is a very expensive privilege and I always treat it as such. Representing over 4000 students of Faculty of Life sciences and also balancing the affairs of over 40,000 students of University of Ilorin is a rare opportunity. It’s a legislative assignment that must not be taken for granted.

What’s your best moment in this school?

My best moment was the day I won my first election as senator, the feeling that comes with that winning was something words can’t explain. I don’t think I can have a moment like that again as an undergraduate.

What’s your advice to freshers?

My advice for freshers is so simple, know what works for you. Aim high and set records, be careful of peer groups and choose your friends wisely. It’s just a matter of 4-6 years as the case of your course study may be, so meet people and have a good relationship with your colleagues. I pray we all get to greater heights.


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