Oghara Polytechnic Cut Off Mark for All Courses and School Fees

Oghara Polytechnic Cut Off Mark for All Courses and School Fees –


Oghara polytechnic is a respected polytechnic located in Delta State. Competition for admission into polytechnics in Nigeria is generally low so candidates do not have to worry about cutoff marks. Oghara polytechnic cutoff mark is not exclusively stated by the school.


However, admission process is conducted using a stipulated JAMB cutoff mark for polytechnics. Using this cutoff mark, Oghara polytechnic can ensure that all admitted candidates have a score higher than the stipulated polytechnic cutoff marks.

This article has been written to answer the questions of Oghara polytechnic aspirants concerning cutoff marks and school fees. Questions like “what are Oghara polytechnic courses?”, What is Oghara Polytechnic school fees? What is Oghara Polytechnic cut off mark for nursing? What is Oghara polytechnic cutoff mark for mass communication? “When will Oghara form expire?” “What is Oghara departmental cutoff mark?” will all be answered in this article.

Any questions relating to Oghara polytechnic will also be answered in the comments section of this post, or in the official telegram group.

Before proceeding to list Oghara Polytechnic Cut Off Marks, there are a few tips all aspirants of this school need to know about in order to gain admission easily.

How to Gain Admission to Oghara Polytechnic Easily

Here are important tips that will ensure smooth admission into Oghara Polytechnic for almost any candidate:

  • Select Oghara Poly as First Choice
  • Have a Good JAMB Score
  • Ensure Proper Registration

Select Oghara Poly as First Choice

The first and the most important one is to select Oghara Polytechnic as first choice during JAMB registration. This will make sure that the school see you as an actual candidate that is interested in school.

All polytechnics, colleges and universities consider first choice candidates for admission before any others, so this puts you at an advantage.

Study Hard for JAMB Examination

Although it is fairly easy to meet the cut off mark for Oghara Poly, getting a good JAMB score gives you the chance of getting any course of study you want. A high JAMB score also means you will gain admission earlier, an advantage that offers peace of mind.

Ensure Proper Registration

Every year there are tons of applicants that lose their chance for admission into higher institutions because of mistakes made during registration. Slight mistakes can cost candidates an admission year, therefore it is very important to check for mistakes and correct them.

Oghara Polytechnic is like many other Nigerian high institutions and will not tolerate mistakes made during registration.

One other mistake many applicants make is not checking their JAMB caps frequently. There is a guide on how to check JAMB caps easily.

How to Check JAMB Caps

Follow this process to check your JAMB Caps and see if you have been offered admission in Oghara Polytechnic:

The easiest way to do this is through the JAMB Caps application.

  • Visit the Google Play store.
  • Use the search tab and type “Jamb Caps”
  • Download and install the application.
  • Launch it and fill in your details.

You can now check your Jamb caps by opening the app.

Oghara Polytechnic Cut Off Mark

As stated earlier, Oghara Poly does not exactly have a cut off mark list released by them. However, admission is done using JAMB cutoff mark for polytechnics as the barest minimum. Here is a list of all Oghara Polytechnic Cut Off Marks:

  • Business Administration – 120+
  • Banking and Finance – 120+
  • Office Technology Management – 120+
  • Mass Communication – 120+
  • Computer Engineering – 120+
  • Statistics – 120+
  • Computer Science – 120+
  • Accounting – 120+
  • Welding Technology – 120+
  • Electrical Electronics Engineering – 120+
  • Agricultural Engineering – 120+
  • Industrial Maintenance Engineering – 120+
  • Physics – 120+

Using the 120 JAMB cutoff mark for polytechnics as the ground base, Oghara Polytechnic offers admission to students, subjecting the cutoff to changes once in a while.

Oghara Polytechnic Courses

  • Business Administration
  • Banking and Finance
  • Office Technology Management
  • Mass Communication
  • Computer Engineering
  • Statistics
  • Computer Science
  • Accounting
  • Welding and Fabrication
  • Electrical Electronics Engineering
  • Agricultural Engineering
  • Industrial Maintenance Engineering
  • Physics

Oghara Polytechnic School Fees

Oghara Polytechnic school fees at the time of this publication is estimated as between 51,000 to 62,000. These fees are for indigenes and non-indigenes respectively and are only estimates which may be slightly different from the true values.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Here are frequently asked questions and answers about Oghara Polytechnic Cut Off Mark and School Fees:

When will Oghara Form Expire?

Oghara form for post UTME will expire by the 30th of November, 2023. While this is subject to adjustments, students are urged to complete application before the due date.

How much is Oghara Post UTME Form?

Oghara Post UTME form costs 2000 naira, at the time of this publication. The payment can be made online with a debit card and is non-refundable.

What is the cut off mark for Oghara Poly 2023?

120. The cutoff mark for Oghara Polytechnic 2023/2024 admission is 120, as this is the standard set by the Joint Admissions Matriculations Board.


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