NSBS Yearly Awards Voting Programme


NSBS Yearly Awards Voting Programme –

The Nigerian society of Biochemistry students, Unilorin has commenced the voting process preceding the presentation of awards to students.


100 level students of Biochemistry have begun the nomination today and the committee gathered a list of the awards to be presented.

Some of the awards to be given are as follows:

Fresher of the Year

Scholar of the Year


Parliamentarian of the Year

Politician of the Year

Writer of the year

Sportsman of the Year


Face of BCH

Class Rep of the Year

Most Influential Student of the Year

Blogger of the Year

Lecturer of the Year

Executive of the Year

As of this evening, some students seem to have clinched the awards already with the leaked stats.

Students can only vote once and nominate people only in 100 level.

At most, two people can be nominated for each category.

Iyanu, an honourable member of NSBS and the departmental committee was nominated alongside many others as the face of BCH while Kebe , CEO of Teekay wears and a few others were nominated for brand of the year. Emperor TV put in for brand, writer, blogger and most influential student of the year award.

Rumors say that Iyanu is one of those with a high percentage of winning an award, as he was nominated by most people.

Charleslee was nominated alongside Kebe, Habeeb and a few other students as the Sportsman of the Year.

Iyanu and Garfield were also nominated for the Executive of the year award.

There are some of the awards that are very competitive, and may be decided by the vote of a few people.

Click here or use this link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeqHkcRMbd3TyJ449cTgf7PT9hUoythjyFoV0j-tM9YendpMg/viewform?usp=pp_url to vote and nominate your favorite personalities.


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