NPA Recruitment Test Past Questions And Answers


NPA Recruitment Test Past Questions And Answers –

The Nigeria Ports Authority (NPA) is a federal government agency charged with the responsibility of managing and administering the nation’s ports. The agency’s mandate is to provide efficient and effective port services to support international trade and economic development in Nigeria.


The NPA is committed to recruiting the best talents in the country to fill various positions in the organization. The recruitment process typically involves several stages, including an aptitude test, an interview, and a medical examination. The aptitude test is a critical stage of the recruitment process, and candidates are expected to score high to stand a chance of being selected.

To increase your chances of success in the NPA recruitment process, it is essential to prepare adequately for the aptitude test. One way to prepare is by practicing with NPA recruitment past questions and answers. The past questions provide insight into the format and structure of the exam and help you identify areas of strength and weakness.

In this article, we will be discussing the NPA recruitment process and providing you with sample questions and answers from past recruitment exercises to help you prepare for the aptitude test.

NPA Recruitment Process

The NPA recruitment process typically involves the following stages:

Online Application


Interested candidates are required to complete an online application form on the NPA recruitment portal. The application form typically includes personal information, educational background, and work experience.

Aptitude Test

Shortlisted candidates are invited to take an aptitude test, which is designed to assess their cognitive abilities, numerical and verbal reasoning skills, and problem-solving abilities.


Candidates who perform well in the aptitude test are invited for an interview with the recruitment panel. The interview assesses the candidate’s communication skills, work experience, and suitability for the position.

Medical Examination

Candidates who are successful in the interview are required to undergo a medical examination to ascertain their physical and mental fitness for the job.


Sample Questions and Answers for NPA Recruitment Aptitude Test

If the average of five consecutive even integers is 24, what is the largest of these integers?

Answer: 28

If X is a prime number and X+2 is also a prime number, what is the value of X?

Answer: 3

In a group of 20 people, 12 can speak English, and 9 can speak French. How many people in the group can speak both English and French?

Answer: 1

A car traveled 120 miles in three hours. What was the average speed of the car in miles per hour?

Answer: 40

What is the square root of 324?

Answer: 18

If 8 workers can complete a job in 16 days, how many workers are needed to complete the same job in 8 days?

Answer: 16

The product of two consecutive odd numbers is 143. What are the numbers?

Answer: 11 and 13

If the ratio of the length to the width of a rectangle is 3:2 and the perimeter is 30 meters, what is the area of the rectangle?

Answer: 36 square meters

If 2/3 of a number is equal to 24, what is the number?

Answer: 36

A cylinder with a radius of 5 cm and a height of 10 cm has a volume of _______.

Answer: 785.4 cubic cm (rounded to the nearest tenth)

A fruit seller sells oranges at 5 for ₦20. How much will it cost to buy 40 oranges?

Answer: ₦160

A triangle has a base of 8 cm and a height of 10 cm. What is the area of the triangle?

Answer: 40 square cm

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Preparing for the NPA recruitment aptitude test is crucial to increase your chances of success in the recruitment process. Practicing with past questions and answers is an excellent way to familiarize yourself with the exam format and identify areas of strength and weakness. With adequate preparation, you can excel in the NPA recruitment process and secure your dream job at the Nigeria Ports Authority.


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