MTN Night Plan Code [Updated]


MTN, a leading telecommunication giant in Nigeria, consistently proves its commitment to providing top-notch services to its vast user base. One such commendable effort by MTN Nigeria is the introduction of the MTN night data plan.

If you’re scouring the web for the MTN night plan code 2023, methods to activate MTN night plan, or even how to check your MTN night data balance, then you’ve landed in the right spot. We aim to offer an all-encompassing guide on the various MTN Night data plans, from subscription codes to procedures on purchasing these plans.

Introduced in June 2016, the MTN night plan was conceptualized to cater to those with a penchant for extra data—be it for business dealings, entertainment, movie downloads, gaming, or other data-intensive activities. However, it’s pivotal to note that this plan is nocturnal in nature, allowing usage solely between 11pm to 6am.

A crucial point to remember is that the MTN night plan is exclusive to the MTN Pulse tariff. Consequently, to benefit from the night plan, it’s mandatory to migrate from your current tariff to MTN Pulse.


It’s tempting to skim through, but every morsel of information here is crucial.

While it might seem we’re delving deep into the introduction, we believe in thoroughness to ensure no detail is overlooked. So, with that said, let’s dive right into the core details!

Types of MTN Night Plan

Alright, pals! Let’s break this down in the simplest way possible. When it comes to MTN night plans, there ain’t a hundred choices to confuse you. Instead, MTN keeps it straightforward with just two options:

250MB for a mere N25: Now, that’s what I call a bargain. Enough to catch up on your favorite show’s latest episode or have a smooth browsing experience.

500MB for just N50: Double the data for double the fun! Perfect for those nights when you want to download that cool game or stream a bunch of videos.

Now, here’s the golden nugget – wondering if you can go on a data shopping spree and subscribe multiple times in one night? Heck yeah! But, and it’s a big but, there’s a cap.


The most data you can score in one night is a whopping 2GB. Break it down, and it means you can hit up the N25 for 250MB plan 8 times or the N50 for 500MB plan 4 times.

So, whether you’re a light browser or a night owl with a massive appetite for data, MTN has got your back with these night plans. And remember, it’s all about enjoying the digital world without breaking the bank.

Criteria to Qualify for MTN Night Plan

Hey there, before you get all pumped up about diving into the MTN night data world, there are a couple of checkboxes you’ve got to tick. Let’s walk through them step by step:

Join the MTN Pulse Club: You’ve got to be on the MTN Pulse tariff plan. If you’re not, no night plan for you. Simple!

Check Your Airtime Balance: Ensure you have at least N25 chilling on your MTN line. It’s the minimum ticket price to enter the night browsing party.


Be a Night Owl: Here’s where it gets interesting. MTN ain’t playing around. Unlike some other plans that might give you a few days to use up your data, MTN means business. Their night plan is strictly for that night – from 11pm to the early hours at 6am. And come dawn, any unused data goes poof! So, if you’re the type that snoozes at 9pm, this might not be your jam. Make sure those peepers are wide open, or you might just lose your cash.

Got it? Great! Now, since we’ve covered the basics, let’s jump straight into the juicy part: how to actually get yourself subscribed to this MTN night plan. Stay tuned!

There are two ways to subscribe to MTN Night Plan:

  • Subscribe MTN Night Plan by USSD Code
  • Subscribe MTN Night Plan by SMS

How To Subscribe For MTN Night Plan using USSD Code

Alright, folks! Getting yourself on that MTN night plan is a breeze. Just follow these easy-peasy steps and you’ll be on your way to surfing the web under the moonlight:

Jump onto MTN Pulse: Can’t stress this enough – you gotta be on MTN Pulse. If you’re already rockin’ Pulse, awesome! Skip to the next step. If not, here’s how you do it:

  • Dial *123#
  • Select option 2 for Tariff Plan migration.
  • Then, choose option 1 for Pulse.

Heads up! If you haven’t switched your tariff in the last month, it’s on the house. But, if you have, keep N100 handy for the migration fee.

Choose Your MTN Night Plan:

  • Dial *406#
  • Select option 3 for MTN nightlife plan.

Go for option 1 if you’re in the mood for 250MB at N25. Once you’ve made your choice, hit 1 again to confirm. You’ll get a message telling you you’re good to go.

More of a 500MB kind of person? Choose option 2 for that N50 plan, then confirm with 1. A confirmation message will pop up, and you’re set to surf!

Quickie Codes for the Pros: If you’re all about that fast life and shortcuts are your jam:

Dial 406*3*1# for a straight shot to the 250MB for N25 deal.

Dial 406*3*2# to instantly get the 500MB for N50 bundle.

And just like that, you’re in! Enjoy those night-time vibes and happy browsing.

How To Subscribe For MTN Night Sub using SMS

Hey, not everyone’s a fan of dialing codes, right? If you’re more of a texter and love using SMS, MTN’s got you covered there too. Subscribing to the night plan via SMS is super straightforward. Here’s how:

  • For the Bigger Chunk, 500MB:

Fancy the 500MB night deal? Just shoot a text with “NT2” to 131.

  • For the Lighter Bite, 250MB:

More in the mood for the 250MB plan? No worries. Text “NT1” to 131, and you’re all set.

How to Check MTN Night Sub Data Balance

Got that burning need to see how much data you’ve got left? No worries, MTN’s got you! Although they used to keep us in the dark about night data usage, they’ve now rolled out a simple USSD code. Plus, they occasionally drop you an SMS update. But if you’re the proactive type:

Dial 559*96# or send ‘2’ to 131 for a prompt update.

Fancy a menu? Dial *406#, choose option 3 for MTN nightlife, then option 3 again to check your balance. Easy!

Summary – MTN Night Sub

Nightlife Bundle USSD Code SMS

500MB/₦50 4063*2# NT2 to 131

250MB/₦25 4063*1# NT1 to 131

What time is MTN Night Plan?

Only between 11 pm to 6 am. Don’t even think about sneaking in a bit of browsing post 6 am or pre 11 pm, ’cause it won’t work. And no, it’s not like Glo; you can’t roll it over to another night.

How do I buy MTN Midnight Bundle?

Hold up! Scroll up a bit; it’s all there.

FAQs on MTN Night Plan

Which MTN plan offers 1GB for ₦200?

MTN4ME. A special treat from MTN offering exclusive data packages without emptying your pockets.

How do I grab 1GB on MTN Night Plan?

Easy! Go for the 500MB plan at ₦50 twice.

Does MTN Night Plan eat into my daily data?

Nope! The night plan is separate from your daily data. Use it from 11 pm to 6 am without worries.

How often can I hop onto the MTN Night Plan?

While you can subscribe multiple times, remember there’s a 2GB cap per day.

MTN Night Data in the daytime?

Big NO! It’s strictly a night-time affair from 11 pm to 6 am.

To wrap this all up: The MTN Night Plan is exclusive to MTN Pulse users. If you ain’t on Pulse, you’re missing out big time! Dive into the MTN Pulse world and enjoy all these perks and more. 

MTN Pulse: The Ultimate Prepaid Tariff Plan

MTN Pulse isn’t just any ordinary tariff plan; it’s a lifestyle! Designed for those who believe in getting more value for their money, it brings a bunch of perks tailored for today’s savvy user.

Imagine this: you dial up your friend, chat about the latest movies, discuss the hottest gossips, and the next thing you know, you’re enjoying a flat rate of just 11.26k/sec for the rest of your calls that day. How? MTN Pulse makes it possible after the first 60 seconds call of the day at 25.6k/sec. They’re not just saying it, but with MTN Pulse, you genuinely “Talk more, Laugh more, and Love more”.

Jumping on the MTN Pulse Train

Joining is a cinch! Simply:

  • Text 406 to 131
  • Dial 406*1# or 1232*2#

Here’s the Sweet Stuff – MTN Pulse Benefits:

Affordable Calls: Once you’ve spent ₦15.36K for the day, all your subsequent calls are at a flat 11.26k/sec across all local networks.

Data Galore:

  • A handy 750MB for just ₦300 valid for 3 days.
  • A whopping 1.5GB weekly plan at ₦500.

Night Owls, Rejoice! Opt for Pulse Nightlife bundles (remember those 250MB for N25 and 500MB for N50 deals?) with a max limit of 2GB.

Social Media Buffs: Special Instagram & TikTok Bundles are up for grabs. 350MB for ₦100 and 1GB for a mere ₦200.

Pulse Points: Rack up points when you activate certain data bundles, which can be traded for free data!

Monthly Freebies: Enjoy a free 10MB data bonus every month on your first recharge or call.

Pulse Tuesday Special: Special data plans, at a discount, available every Tuesday.

Campus Zone Offers: For the scholars among us, enjoy 100% data bonuses in higher institutions across Nigeria.

And of course, the cherry on top – a plethora of other MTN services that enrich your mobile experience.

So, whether you’re a chatterbox, a night surfer, or a campus dweller, MTN Pulse has something special in store for you. Dive in and relish the Pulse lifestyle.


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