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The Tai Solarin University of Education, popularly known as TASUED, stands as a beacon of academic excellence in Nigeria. Renowned for its diverse curriculum, this article provides an in-depth review of its courses and a snippet into its illustrious history.

A Brief History of TASUED

Situated in Ijagun, Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State, TASUED was formally established in 20051. The institution pays homage to Augustus Taiwo Solarin, Nigeria’s esteemed educator, social activist, and pioneering African pilot2. Holding the distinction of being Nigeria’s first specialized university of education, TASUED ranks 76th among Nigerian universities3.

TASUED’s Legacy

TASUED’s legacy resonates beyond its campus. Its name bearer, Taiwo Solarin, has left an indelible mark on Nigeria’s educational landscape, emphasizing the institution’s mission of imparting quality education4.

Colleges in TASUED

TASUED’s educational prowess is manifested through its diverse colleges, each designed to cater to different academic aspirations.

  1. College of Applied Education and Vocational Technology
  2. College of Humanities
  3. College of Sciences and Information Technology
  4. College of Social and Management Sciences

List of Courses offered in Tai Solarin University of Education (Tasued)

Here are the courses available in the colleges listed above:

A. College of Applied Education and Vocational Technology

  1. Sc. (Ed.) Business Education
  2. Sc. (Ed.) Technical Education with options in: (i) Automobile Technology (ii)Metal (iii) Building (iv) Woodwork (v) Electrical/Electronics
  3. Sc. (Ed.) Secretarial Administration and Education
  4. Sc. (Ed.) Home Economics & Hotel Management and Education
  5. Ed. Educational Management
  6. L.S. Library & Information Science and Education
  7. Ed. Counseling Psychology
  8. Ed. Early Childhood Education
  9. Ed. Educational Technology
  10. Ed. Adult Education

B. College of Humanities

  1. A. (Ed.) History and Diplomatic Studies and Education
  2. A. (Ed.) Christian Religious Studies and Education
  3. A. (Ed.) Creative Arts and Education
  4. A. (Ed.) Islamic Studies and Education
  5. A. (Ed.) French and Education
  6. A. (Ed.) English Studies and Education
  7. A. (Ed.) Yoruba and Education

C. College of Sciences and Information Technology

  1. Sc. (Ed.) Computer Science and Education
  2. Sc. (Ed.) Biology and Education
  3. Sc. (Ed.) Physics and Education
  4. Sc. (Ed.) Mathematics and Education
  5. Sc. (Ed.) Chemistry and Education
  6. Sc. (Ed.) Human Kinetics and Education
  7. Sc. (Ed.) Health Education
  8. Sc. (Ed.) Agricultural Production and Management Science and Education

D. College of Social and Management Sciences

  1. Sc. (Ed.) Economics and Education
  2. Sc. (Ed.) Political Science and Education
  3. Sc. (Ed.) Geography & Environmental Management and Education
  4. Sc. (Ed.) Social Studies and Education
  5. Sc. (Ed.) Transport Planning and Management Education

Full List of Courses in TASUED

» Agricultural Production and Management Science and Education
» Biology
» Business Education
» Chemistry
» Computer Science
» Creative Arts
» Early Childhood Education
» Economics
» Education and Accountancy
» Education and Biology
» Education and Business Administration
» Education and Chemistry
» Education and Computer Science
» Education and Economics
» Education and French
» Education and Geography
» Education and Integrated Science
» Education and Islamic Studies
» Education and Mathematics
» Education and Physics
» Education and Political Science
» Education and Social Studies
» Education and Sociology
» Education and Yoruba
» Educational Management
» Guidance and Counseling
» Health Education
» Home Economics and Hotel Management and Education
» Human Kinetics
» Library and Information Science
» Mathematics
» Secretarial Administration and Education
» Technical Education
» Transport Planning and Management Education (TPM)


TASUED represents the fusion of history, culture, and modern education. For anyone seeking a well-rounded academic experience in Nigeria, TASUED stands as an excellent choice.


  1. What makes TASUED distinct among Nigerian universities?
    • TASUED is Nigeria’s first specialized university of education, reflecting a deep commitment to teaching and learning9.
  2. Who was Taiwo Solarin?
    • Taiwo Solarin was a notable Nigerian educator, social activist, journalist, and the first African pilot10.
  3. Does TASUED offer courses in the arts?
    • Yes, TASUED has a dedicated College of Humanities offering courses like Creative Arts, English Studies, and more11.
  4. Is TASUED solely an educational training university?
    • While it emphasizes education, TASUED offers a variety of courses across science, humanities, and social sciences12.
  5. Where is TASUED located?
    • TASUED is located in Ijagun, Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State, Nigeria13.


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