Jamb Regularization For Nysc

JAMB Regularization for NYSC: A Comprehensive Guide


What is JAMB Regularization?

JAMB regularization is a process mandated by the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) for Nigerian students who were admitted into tertiary institutions without a JAMB registration number. This process is essential for graduates who wish to participate in the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) program, as it ensures their admission is recognized by JAMB, allowing them to obtain a valid JAMB admission letter and be listed on the JAMB matriculation list​.

Why Is JAMB Regularization Necessary for NYSC?


The NYSC program requires all participants to be cleared by JAMB. Students who gain admission through means such as pre-degree programs, direct entry, or other non-JAMB routes need to regularize their admission to be eligible for NYSC mobilization. Without completing this process, graduates cannot proceed with their NYSC registration​ (NYSC News)​.

Steps for JAMB Regularization

  1. Create a JAMB Profile:
    • Visit the JAMB e-facility portal and create a profile if you do not already have one.
    • Ensure all your details are accurate during this process​ ​.
  2. Initiate Regularization:
    • Log in to your JAMB profile and select the option for “Late Application/Regularization.”
    • Complete the online form with accurate details, including your full name, date of birth, institution details, and O’level results​.
  3. Make Payment:
    • The fee for JAMB regularization is approximately N8,500. This payment can be made online using an ATM card or through a bank draft​.
  4. Print Indemnity Form:
    • After submission, print the indemnity form that needs to be endorsed by your institution. This form serves as a declaration that your admission details are correct​.
  5. Institution Endorsement:
    • Submit the indemnity form to the Registrar’s Office at your institution for endorsement. This step is crucial as it confirms your admission through the school’s records​ (NYSC BROADCAST)​​ (NYSC News)​.
  6. Submit to JAMB Office:
    • After your institution endorses the indemnity form, submit it to the nearest JAMB office for further processing​.
  7. Check Admission Status:
    • Regularly check your JAMB profile to confirm when the regularization is completed. Once approved, your admission letter will be available for printing, and your name will appear on the JAMB matriculation list​ (NYSC News)​.

Post-Regularization Steps

  • Verify Name on Matriculation List:
    • Ensure your name is on the JAMB matriculation list, which is a prerequisite for NYSC registration​​.
  • Proceed with NYSC Registration:
    • Once your regularization is confirmed and your name appears on the matriculation list, you can proceed with your NYSC online registration​.

Common Issues and Solutions

  • Delay in Processing:
    • Delays can occur if the institution takes time to endorse the indemnity form. It is advisable to follow up with your school’s administration to expedite this process​.
  • Incorrect Details:
    • If there are any mistakes in the submitted details, such as name or date of birth, these can be corrected through the JAMB office. Ensure accuracy during the initial submission to avoid complications​ (NYSC BROADCAST)​​ (NYSC News)​.


JAMB regularization is a critical process for graduates seeking to participate in the NYSC program. It ensures that all admissions are properly documented and recognized by JAMB. By following the outlined steps and ensuring all details are accurate, students can complete this process smoothly and proceed to their NYSC mobilization without issues​​.


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