How to Identify Yourself as a Norseman

How do I Identify Myself as a norseman?


Are you intrigued by the Norseman culture and wondering how to identify yourself as a Norseman? Look no further! In this article, we will delve into the captivating world of the Norseman culture, also known as the Neo Black Movement of Africa.


Whether you are curious about the origins, beliefs, initiation process, or even the unique slangs and songs associated with Norseman, we’ve got you covered. So, let’s embark on a fascinating journey to discover what it truly means to be norseman and how you can become a part of this distinct brotherhood.

Before you can identify yourself as a norseman, you need to join the group first. Well…how do you join Norseman? Read this article to the end.

Norseman culture, also known as the Neo Black Movement of Africa, is a controversial and secretive society that originated in Nigeria in the 1970s. It has gained notoriety due to its association with violence and criminal activities, leading to its classification as a cult by some authorities.

However, understanding the culture and beliefs of Norseman is important for those interested in identifying themselves as members. In this article, we explore the Norseman culture, its origins, values, and initiation process, as well as the steps to identify yourself as a norseman.

Norseman Culture

The Norseman culture has a rich history that traces back to Nigeria in the 1970s. It is a secretive and controversial society primarily consisting of university students and graduates seeking a sense of brotherhood and belonging beyond the boundaries of mainstream society. The culture is known by various names, including the Neo Black Movement of Africa, but it is most commonly referred to as a norseman or Vikings.

Norseman members share a strong bond and subscribe to certain values, such as loyalty, courage, and brotherhood. They have their own unique way of dressing, speaking, and behaving, which sets them apart from other groups. The culture has its own language, symbols, and rituals that are deeply intertwined with its identity. The “Black Axe” and the “Iron Claw” are some of the symbols associated with Norseman.

Despite its allure, the Norseman culture has faced controversies and negative associations over the years. Some authorities have labeled it as a cult due to its involvement in violence and criminal activities, including drug trafficking and prostitution. However, proponents of the culture argue that it provides a sense of community and support that may be lacking in mainstream society. They believe in the principles of mutual support and respect.

Now, let’s explore the steps need to identify yourself as a norseman and immersing yourself in this intriguing culture.

How to Identify Yourself as a norseman?

Identifying Yourself as a norseman is not a problem if you are part of the cult. If you have attended a few meetings, you will know what to do. However, we will still put you through.

To identify yourself as a norseman, you just need to join Norseman. Unfortunately, according to Norseman members, you cannot join anyhow. You can join only with recommendation from a boss in the cult.

Norsemen Capping/Slangs

“Tohin Taha is the cry of an ugly vulture, and whenever the vulture cries that means the sea is rough and whenever the sea is rough all German are made to nack and when all German are made to nack every shaking trees must be a target”

“In the book of Odin 2:2 vs 3 its is cap-go into the world and multiply those that deserve to be kings crown them and those that deserve to be B S T throw them overboard…..Aroooooooooooo mate”

“When men were men, where were you -??,, ( I was there singing the song of vikings to never hang a leg even at the point of death”

“It was once cap that a jonsin is an abomination in the mist of the righteous”

“Not all those who shout Ogbu is rogged and not all men who halla Ayikwerere knows were the fire is,,,

“This Norseman Ezekiel, vacantical aro naked sails on board the ship.”

“It’s cap, it’s not written ‘stop this.’ In my opinion, you are all bst, you all deserve to be ovb.”

“On the day of your I.T, what did you see and who was your witness? (Prince Odin was my witness)”

“We call on Opuna Celina, the fortune teller, to come and tell us the past and the present because Viking ships have anchors…Norwich name dblast 2 time duff man retired…subduff retired, eastman retired, and xyz onboard bmp…anyikwere.”

“Aro mate! ARO baga mate! For it is cap, clear your vengers and anchor your forefathers.”

“We are Vikings. Aro mate.”

“Aro mate ssoo. Bloody 4. It’s cap in 360 days when there’s no leg in Viking ship. 24 gods of Odin and 12 gods of Odin jazz out and reset their BP blood on a red ice, singing the songs of an ogre, never too hang a leg, evil are points of death.”

“And Odin still cap that IROKO tree is tall, but there is a tree taller than IROKO.”

“Odin said go into the world and multiply, for those who want to be king, crown them, and those who choose to be a bastard, we throw them overboard, for our blood will flow out from our veins instead of the blood of the bastard, the bukanias, the pirate will con…”

“ARO mate! ARO baga mate! For it is cap, clear your vengers and anchor your forefathers…”

“Costra Nostra is our affair, please let’s open WhatsApp, for it is cap, capless, and wider more, for the days are evil, bst everywhere.”

“For it is cap, those who do don’t cap, the days are evil.”

“On the day of my I.T, mama Hana took me high to Panama.”

“Too much cap, na lie lie, mianto capito, men that do don’t cap.”

“And Odin still said suffering are lessons for those who don’t want to learn, for them to sit, learn, and become better.”

“This is a marjet jarman tested onboard the boat. I was overted by Prince Odin.”

“All these deckless V’s… Imagine someone identifying Vakateko instead of Vikanical… It is not really ethical for it is being carped, not all who hears the echo of anyikwerere knows where the fire is coming out from…”

“It is cap for all Vikings to sail to give account of their sailing because 22-22 is the fulstep to Panama.”

“Samanpe for those who are highly carried for they are O. T Rugged high racki super see.”

“It was also cap that a Nama is a Nama and barger is a barger.”

“In the book of Odin verse Odin it is cap that we anchor the Norsemen clour the vactaterials for they are your godfathers.”

“And Odin still cap that votava- votava- no mercy no forgiveness for the wrong men.”

“Odin once cap that not all those who sighted through the eyes of a needle will sail to Panama.”

“I am rugged son of Odin representing west and east zone not on this cyber.”


“recasoli vasodin de voice of odin is a voice of a king so im a ruget king.aro 122,122 de face of all norsemen are tootoo ruget to checkmet btard a mainly to throw overboard for d ship to sellmore rugetly sssoo”

“I weak I can’t believe what I am seeing here…this group needs to be closed please rather create a WhatsApp group and identify with grey Norsemen is to follow the ethics and norm of the fraternity remember we serve humanity not violence”

“Ayeas mate ayeas are rugged akawus mate akawu red eyes sailor mate sailor say tite all protocodolling observe tradition high ranky super sail I go stract to my rugged and pursest planent name lizy crut name lastbullet aje monkey crut c o c akawus”

“ARO it’s hapi ar dos seal the rough ic cus dey shal live an head de sos of iceland.xxxooo”

“Nowish aro rolling star akwa marine pat’aro promise never to hang even at face of death ayekwerere”

“This is Agee conqer bastsrd opon the ship paparejected mamajected but Odin accepted iam sailling on baodi bald under northern Catalina’s”

“What does x.y stand for in the Norseical ship of Vikings?”

“Great norsemen, salitamus to all densemen and norsemen all over the world. Norseical aro destroyer, xy up ethiope marine, presently sailing ocean gate flotila. xx oo”

ARO mate, it is cap that inochesta innabute de heart of aljar man are not de same. This is me papa rejected mama rejected but Odin in Valhalla when there is no wahala accepted. Ss oo, norish Michael sailing upon the rugged ship under Ubele marin patrol. Iye pere re”

How to Join Norseman

Understand the Norseman Culture and Beliefs

Before identifying oneself as a norseman, it is crucial to have a comprehensive understanding of the culture and its beliefs. This includes familiarizing oneself with the values, symbols, language, and history associated with Norseman. Researching and learning from authentic sources can provide valuable insights into the culture.

Contact norseman Member

To proceed further, it is important to establish contact with an existing member of the Norseman culture. This can be done through mutual friends, social media platforms, or in-person interactions. Building a genuine relationship with a member can help gain trust and increase the chances of being introduced to the group. We will show you how to contact Norseman members later in this article.

Attend Meetings and Events

Once a connection has been established, attending Norseman meetings and events becomes necessary. This provides an opportunity to meet other members and deepen one’s understanding of the culture. Actively participating in discussions, observing rituals, and showing genuine interest will contribute to building rapport and acceptance within the group.

Completing the Initiation Process

The final step in identifying oneself as a norseman involves completing the initiation process. The specific requirements and rituals may vary among different groups, but they typically involve taking an oath of loyalty, undergoing physical and mental challenges, and proving one’s dedication to the culture. It is important to approach this step with caution and consider the potential risks and consequences involved.

Risks of Joining Norseman

Joining a cult group such as a norseman carries significant risks and consequences. It is crucial to carefully weigh the decision and consider the potential legal, social, and personal implications.

Cult involvement may lead to isolation from mainstream society, involvement in illegal activities, and the loss of personal autonomy. Seeking guidance from trusted individuals and understanding the long-term consequences is essential before committing to such a path.


Identifying oneself as a norseman requires a deep understanding of the culture, values, and initiation process associated with the Norseman culture. By following the outlined steps, individuals can navigate this complex journey and become part of a community that values loyalty, courage, and brotherhood.

However, it is important to consider the risks and consequences carefully before making this decision. Cult involvement is a serious commitment that should be approached with caution and informed awareness.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

1. Can anyone join the Norseman culture?

No, the Norseman culture is not open to everyone. It is primarily composed of university students and graduates who share common beliefs and values. Joining the Norseman culture requires understanding, connection, and participation within the group.

2. Are there any legal implications associated with identifying as a norseman?

Engaging in illegal activities or participating in violent acts can have severe legal consequences. It is essential to be aware of the potential legal risks before joining any group or engaging in unlawful behavior.

3. What are the benefits of being norseman?

For some individuals, being part of the Norseman culture provides a sense of belonging, camaraderie, and support that they may not find in mainstream society. However, it is important to weigh the benefits against the potential risks and consequences.

4. How long does the initiation process take?

The duration of the initiation process can vary depending on the specific group and its traditions. It may involve several weeks or even months of challenges, rituals, and proving one’s dedication to the culture.

5. Can I leave the Norseman culture once I have joined?

Leaving any group or culture is a personal decision. However, it is important to be aware of the potential social and personal implications that may arise from leaving the Norseman culture. It is advisable to seek guidance and support if considering such a decision.


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