How to Easily Gain Admission into Unilorin

How to gain admission into UNILORIN 2022

Gaining admission to UNILORIN has not been easy for years. However, the difficulty of gaining UNILORIN admission reduced significantly.


Why did this happen?


I will talk about that later in this article. The main purpose of this post is to give simple tips on how to easily gain admission into UNILORIN.

How Can I Get Admission In UNILORIN? How to Gain Admission into the University Of Ilorin? Is UNILORIN admission hard to get? How does UNILORIN carry out admission? These and many other questions are the ones on the minds of UNILORIN aspirants. I will be answering all these questions about UNILORIN and debunking some myths too.

Some UNILORIN aspirants even ask questions like, “Is UNILORIN a good school? How can I gain admission into UNILORIN?”These questions have very simple answers and I will provide them in this guide.

There are simply no hacks or tricks about getting admission in UNILORIN. In order to study at UNILORIN, gaining legitimate admission comes first.

Many aspirants are denied admission into UNILORIN because of some petty mistakes.

If you do not follow the University of Ilorin’s guideline for admission processing, you may not be offered admission.

However, this is only one of the reasons why aspirants are refused UNILORIN admission.

Instructions are one of the most important things in admission processing.

Some aspirants are offered admission in UNILORIN but when it is time for clearance, their admission is revoked. This is because of certain mistakes made earlier.

There are some UNILORIN aspirants that do not know how to check their UNILORIN or JAMB portal.

This may result in the automatic revoking of the admission.

I will go on to explain what you have to do to gain admission into UNILORIN.

How To Gain Admission Into UNILORIN (University Of Ilorin) Tips

In order to easily get admission In UNILORIN, you should take note of the following:

  • Your O’level result must good enough. A minimum of five credits in your core subjects in one or two sittings is required (Only WAEC or NECO).
  • Your UTME score must be high. You need a minimum JAMB score of 180 to have any chance at UNILORIN’s admission.
  • Your UNILORIN post UTME score must be above fifty percent to increase your chances.
  • Never apply for a course when the Cut-off mark is higher than your JAMB or PUTME score. This may reduce your chances of admission.
  • You have higher chance of UNILORIN admission if your Olevel is in one sitting.
  • If you passed all your subjects in one sitting ,do not upload another one. It reduces your admission chances.
  • Understand how to check your JAMB and UNILORIN portal very well.
  • You may be transferred to another department by the school. Do not reject the transfer. If you do, you may not gain admission into Unilorin again that year.
  • If you know any one that can help with your admission, you can contact them. However, connection never works if you do not qualify.
  • If you are very qualified, you do not need connection.
  • There is a stereotype that says Unilorin does not give admission to aspirants without connection.
  • This is very untrue. If you are not in UNILORIN’s catchment area, understand that the school will not be taking many people from your region, so you have to score as high as possible.

For example, if you applied to study medicine in the University of Ilorin, and you are from Benue state (Or other states not in the catchment), you must score very high in JAMB and WAEC exams.

If not, you may end up being transferred to another course.

How do Unilorin give admission?

Unilorin gives admission on three factors; Merit, Catchment areas, and ELDS.

Merit comes first, which means a high JAMB score, excellent WAEC results, and good post UTME score are the factors that guarantee you admission into Unilorin.

Unilorin admission is 45% merit, 35% catchment area, and 20% ELDS.

How can I get into UNILORIN without jamb?

There are a couple of programmes that can get you into UNILORIN without Jamb. Advanced level exams like IJMB, JUPEB and a few others are accepted in the University of Ilorin and other universities in Nigeria.

How many students does UNILORIN admit yearly?

The University of Ilorin admits an average of 12,500 students yearly. Nearly 13,000 students were offered admission into Unilorin in 2022.

How much is the school fees of Ilorin?

Unilorin school fees for fresh students is averagely N50,000. This is because there is a slight difference in school fees for some departments.

Is UNILORIN competitive?

Yes. Unilorin admission is very competitive. Out of 102,000 students that applied for admission in 2021, Unilorin admitted only 12,000. However, the admission race got easier in 2022, as only about 18,000 applicants wrote the Unilorin Post UTME.

Does University of Ilorin accept NECO?

Yes. The University of Ilorin (UNILORIN) accepts NECO results for admission. WAEC is most preferable.

Can I gain admission with only Waec?

Yes. You can gain admission with only WAEC result if you passed all your subjects.

How is UNILORIN aggregate score calculated?

To calculate your Unilorin aggregate score, divide your JAMB score by 400 and multiply it by 50.

Grade your Olevel using: A=6, B2=5, B3=4, C4=3, C5=2, C6=1. Calculate only for your five core subjects. Divide your Olevel by 30 and multiply it by 20. Add whatever you get to your post UTME score.

This is in accordance with Unilorin’s grading system that says:

JAMB= 50%

Olevel= 20%

Post UTME= 30%

Is UNILORIN still giving admission 2022?

Yes. Admission is still ongoing but it is close to ending soon. Unilorin will soon finish conducting admission for 2021/2022.

How many list will UNILORIN release?

No one knows how Unilorin does the batches. However, they have a pattern of releasing six lists of merit, supplementary, and direct entry.

Has UNILORIN released admission list?

Yes. The University of Ilorin has released admission lists for 2021/2022.

According to the institution, admission is almost concluded.

What is UNILORIN cutoff mark?

Unilorin has a cut off mark of 180. Any candidate that does not score up to that is considered not eligible for admission into Unilorin.

How many years is medicine in UNILORIN?

Medicine And Surgery (MBBS) in UNILORIN is a six-year course.

Does UNILORIN have hostel?

Yes. There are many hostels available for students of Unilorin. The UNILORIN management has school hostels for students while there are private hostels too.

What are the competitive courses in UNILORIN?

UNILORIN Competitive Courses

  • Medicine and Surgery
  • Law
  • Pharmacy
  • Accounting
  • Mass Communication
  • Business Administration
  • Nursing Science
  • Computer Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering

Is D7 good in WAEC?

D7 is not an excellent grade and is just a pass. So D7 is not a good grade in WAEC or any other exam.

Which is better WAEC or NECO?

WAEC is better than NECO because it is internationally acknowledged in most countries unlike NECO.

Can I combine WAEC and NECO for admission in unilorin?

Yes. Two sittings are allowed for admission in the University of Ilorin. You can combine both your WAEC and NECO result for admission into Unilorin.


This article contains everything you need to know about gaining admission into Unilorin in 2022.

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