Download GTWorld Mobile Banking App

Download GTWorld Mobile Banking App


With the world moving towards a more mobile-centric approach, many banks have transitioned their services onto mobile platforms for ease of use. Guaranty Trust Bank (GTBank) is at the forefront of this evolution, offering a cutting-edge mobile banking app known as GTWorld. If you’re wondering how to download and set up the GTBank mobile banking app on your device, this guide has got you covered.

GTWorld Mobile App – Brief Intro


The GTBank mobile banking app, also known as GTWorld, is a digital innovation aimed at reducing the frequency of visits to physical bank branches and ATMs. With GTWorld, you can effortlessly execute numerous banking transactions from the comfort of your home or while on the move. If the idea of downloading and setting up the app feels a tad overwhelming, fret not. This guide will simplify the entire process for you.

Steps to Download GTWorld Mobile Banking App

Depending on your device type, the GTBank mobile banking app can be downloaded from various app stores. Here’s a breakdown of steps to follow to download the GTWorld mobile app:

  • Android Devices: Click here to download from Google Play Store
  • iOS Devices (iPhones/iPad/iPod): Click here to download from the Apple App Store
  • BlackBerry Devices: Click here to download from the BlackBerry Store

Pro Tip: Continue reading post-download to garner insights on the setup process and the plethora of functionalities the app has in store.

How to Set Up GTWorld for First-time Users

Once you’ve successfully downloaded and installed the GTWorld app, initiating the setup is quite straightforward:

  1. Launch the GTWorld app.
  2. Agree to the app’s terms and conditions, then click on “next.”
  3. If you’re a newbie to the app, choose “register account.”
  4. New users are required to make a short trip to the nearest GTBank business office. Here, you’ll fill out a form, post which you’ll receive a default PIN exclusive to GTWorld transactions.
  5. Encountered a problem? GTBank’s customer service is ever-ready to assist. Reach out to them at 0700 4826 66328.

How to Navigate Through GTWorld Mobile App’s Features

The GTBank mobile banking app is packed with an array of features tailored to make your banking experience seamless:

  • Check your account balances in real-time.
  • Oversee your account, accessing a comprehensive transaction history.
  • Seamlessly transfer funds, be it to GTBank accounts or other bank accounts.
  • Manage and pay utility bills, including TV subscriptions.
  • For airtime top-up, the app integrates with your device’s contact list for swift phone number selection.
  • Locate the nearest GTBank ATMs and bank branches.
  • Activate reminders for repetitive bill payments and transfers.
  • And if you ever need assistance, GTBank offers a 24/7 customer service support, inclusive of a live chat feature.

Important: Always ensure you have an active internet connection when using the GTWorld app. If you’re keen on performing offline transactions, familiarize yourself with the unique GTBank magic banking codes.

Conclusion: GTWorld – GTBank’s Commitment to Digital Banking

With GTWorld, GTBank showcases its commitment to offering top-tier digital banking solutions for its customers.

From checking balances to making transfers and paying bills, the GTBank mobile banking app streamlines banking tasks, making them faster, easier, and more efficient. So, why wait? Download the GTBank mobile app today and elevate your digital banking experience!

Here are some additional tips for making the most of the GTWorld mobile banking app:

  • Use biometrics: GTWorld supports biometric authentication, such as fingerprint and facial recognition, for added security and convenience.
  • Enable push notifications: Push notifications will keep you updated on your account activity, such as incoming payments and withdrawals.
  • Set up transaction limits: Transaction limits can help you stay in control of your spending and protect against unauthorized transactions.
  • Regularly review your transaction history: Reviewing your transaction history can help you identify any suspicious activity or unauthorized transactions.
  • Use the app’s financial planning tools: GTWorld offers a variety of financial planning tools, such as a budget tracker and investment calculator, to help you manage your money more effectively.