Best State For Nysc

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) is a pivotal program in Nigeria, aimed at fostering national unity and development by deploying fresh graduates to various parts of the country for a one-year mandatory service. Each state in Nigeria offers unique experiences and opportunities for corps members.


Here, we explore the ten best states for NYSC, considering factors such as living conditions, job opportunities, safety, cultural experiences, and recreational activities.

1. Lagos State


Living Conditions: Lagos, Nigeria’s economic hub, boasts a vibrant lifestyle with numerous amenities. Accommodation can be pricey, but the state offers a range of options from upscale apartments to more affordable housing.

Job Opportunities: Being the commercial nerve center of Nigeria, Lagos provides numerous job opportunities in various sectors including finance, media, tech, and entertainment.

Safety: While Lagos has its safety concerns like any major city, certain areas are notably safer. It’s important to stay vigilant and adhere to local safety guidelines.

Cultural Experiences: Lagos is rich in culture with numerous festivals, arts, and music events. Notable places include the Lekki Conservation Centre, National Museum, and numerous beaches.

Recreational Activities: The nightlife in Lagos is unparalleled, with numerous bars, clubs, restaurants, and shopping malls.

2. Abuja (Federal Capital Territory)

Living Conditions: Abuja offers a clean, organized, and relatively serene environment. Accommodation is relatively expensive but the quality of life is high.

Job Opportunities: As the capital, Abuja hosts many government agencies, international organizations, and NGOs, providing ample job opportunities.

Safety: Abuja is one of the safest cities in Nigeria with well-coordinated security measures.

Cultural Experiences: Key attractions include the Nigerian National Mosque, Nigerian National Christian Centre, and Millennium Park.

Recreational Activities: There are plenty of recreational spots including Jabi Lake Mall, restaurants, and parks.

3. Ogun State

Living Conditions: Ogun State offers a mix of urban and semi-urban living conditions. Housing is generally affordable.

Job Opportunities: Proximity to Lagos makes Ogun a strategic location for industries, especially in places like Agbara and Ota.

Safety: Generally safe with a low crime rate compared to some other states.

Cultural Experiences: Rich in historical and cultural sites such as Olumo Rock and the Ake Palace in Abeokuta.

Recreational Activities: There are several recreational spots including shopping centers and resorts.

4. Oyo State

Living Conditions: Ibadan, the capital, is one of the largest cities in Nigeria, offering affordable living conditions and diverse housing options.

Job Opportunities: The state has growing sectors in agriculture, education, and manufacturing.

Safety: Oyo is relatively safe, particularly in Ibadan.

Cultural Experiences: Notable cultural sites include the University of Ibadan Zoological Garden, Agodi Gardens, and Cocoa House.

Recreational Activities: Plenty of recreational activities, including visiting parks, gardens, and historical sites.

5. Rivers State

Living Conditions: Port Harcourt, the capital, is a bustling city with modern amenities and diverse housing options.

Job Opportunities: Known as the oil and gas hub of Nigeria, offering numerous opportunities in these sectors.

Safety: While Port Harcourt has its safety challenges, certain areas are safe and welcoming for corps members.

Cultural Experiences: Rivers State offers rich cultural festivals like the Port Harcourt Carnival and historical sites such as the Isaac Boro Park and the Port Harcourt Tourist Beach.

Recreational Activities: There are numerous recreational spots including malls, cinemas, and restaurants, as well as opportunities for river cruises and beach outings.

6. Akwa Ibom State

Living Conditions: Akwa Ibom offers a clean and serene environment with relatively affordable housing. The state capital, Uyo, is well-planned with good infrastructure.

Job Opportunities: The state is rapidly industrializing with opportunities in the oil and gas sector, tourism, and agriculture.

Safety: Akwa Ibom is known for being one of the safest states in Nigeria, with low crime rates and a peaceful atmosphere.

Cultural Experiences: The state boasts cultural festivals like the Ibom Cultural Carnival and sites like the Ibeno Beach and the Lord Lugard House.

Recreational Activities: Recreational spots include the Ibom Plaza, the Ibom Tropicana Entertainment Centre, and various beaches and parks.

7. Kano State

Living Conditions: Kano offers a unique blend of traditional and modern living. Housing is affordable, especially in comparison to southern states.

Job Opportunities: As a major commercial hub in northern Nigeria, Kano provides opportunities in trade, agriculture, and manufacturing.

Safety: While Kano has had security concerns in the past, it has improved significantly. Corps members are usually posted to safe areas.

Cultural Experiences: Kano is rich in history and culture, with attractions like the Gidan Makama Museum, Dala Hill, and the Emir’s Palace.

Recreational Activities: The city offers traditional markets, parks, and the Kano Zoological Gardens for leisure activities.

8. Enugu State

Living Conditions: Enugu, known as the “Coal City,” provides a peaceful environment with affordable housing and good infrastructure.

Job Opportunities: The state offers opportunities in the coal industry, agriculture, and education sectors.

Safety: Enugu is one of the safest states in the southeastern region of Nigeria.

Cultural Experiences: Enugu is rich in Igbo culture, with festivals and sites such as the Ngwo Pine Forest, Awhum Waterfall, and the National Museum of Unity.

Recreational Activities: There are various parks, gardens, and entertainment centers, including the Polo Park Mall and Nike Lake Resort.

9. Cross River State

Living Conditions: Calabar, the capital, is known for its cleanliness and serene environment. Housing is relatively affordable and comfortable.

Job Opportunities: Cross River offers opportunities in tourism, agriculture, and hospitality sectors.

Safety: The state is generally safe, especially in Calabar, which is known for its friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

Cultural Experiences: Cross River is renowned for its vibrant Calabar Carnival, one of the largest street carnivals in Africa. Other attractions include the Tinapa Resort, Obudu Mountain Resort, and the Cross River National Park.

Recreational Activities: There are numerous activities including hiking, visiting parks, and enjoying the scenic views of the Obudu Plateau.

10. Kaduna State

Living Conditions: Kaduna offers a mix of urban and rural living, with affordable housing options and improving infrastructure.

Job Opportunities: The state has opportunities in agriculture, manufacturing, and education, with various industries located in Kaduna city.

Safety: While there have been security challenges, the situation has improved in recent years. Corps members are often posted to secure areas.

Cultural Experiences: Kaduna is rich in history and culture, with attractions like the Kajuru Castle, the Nok Village, and the Kaduna National Museum.

Recreational Activities: The state offers parks, historical sites, and entertainment spots for relaxation and leisure.


Choosing the right state for NYSC can significantly enhance your service year experience. Each state listed above offers unique opportunities and experiences that can help in personal and professional growth. Whether you prioritize job opportunities, cultural experiences, or living conditions, these states stand out as some of the best places to serve your NYSC year.


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