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Private schools have long been revered as bastions of academic excellence and personal growth for students across the globe. These institutions offer a unique opportunity for families seeking a top-tier education while still cherishing the comfort of having their children close at home. Much like the acclaimed private day schools in the United States, private high schools in Kempton Park provide an environment where academic success and personal development go hand in hand.


In our quest to showcase the best private schools in Kempton Park, we have taken a page from our previous articles, such as “The 50 Best Public High Schools in the U.S.” and “The 50 Best Colleges in the U.S.” Our rankings for private schools in Kempton Park are meticulously compiled, considering various factors that set these institutions apart.

Academic excellence takes center stage in our assessment, with a focus on superior instruction, strong ties to prestigious colleges, and a record of academic awards and honors. Students attending these day schools frequently find themselves on the path to Ivy League universities or other top-ranking institutions, just as their American counterparts do.

Diversity in the student body is a critical factor in preparing students for the globally connected society they will encounter beyond the school gates. We’ve carefully considered the diversity of each school’s student population and their initiatives to connect students with the broader world.

Beyond the quantifiable metrics, we’ve delved into intangible factors, including innovative arts programs, student satisfaction, faculty quality, and state-of-the-art facilities. Our goal is to provide a well-rounded view of these schools and the exceptional education they offer.

While maintaining a commitment to geographical diversity, this article focuses on private high schools in Kempton Park that do not provide boarding facilities. We’ll explore those that do in a separate follow-up article.

In the pursuit of transparency, we’ve based our tuition figures on the most current data available on the schools’ websites, excluding additional costs like textbooks and lunches. And in recognition of the impact that individuals can have, we’ve included notable persons who attended these schools, even if they did not graduate.

So, if you’re a parent in Kempton Park looking for the best education for your child, join us as we embark on a journey to discover the top private schools in this vibrant South African city.

List of Best Private Schools in Kempton Park

  1. Africa Academy Private Schools
  2. Little Leaders Private Nursery School
  3. St Matthews Private Primary
  4. Supero Combined School
  5. Kempton Park Panorama School
  6. Mandorren Academic & Sports School
  7. Edenica Independent Private School & After Care Centre
  8. Con Amore-School
  9. Con Amore Early Intervention Centre School & Toy Library
  10. Curro Serengeti Academy
  11. Destiny Independent School Kempton Park : High School
  12. Sonrise Christian School (Primary School)
  13. Sonrise Christian School (High School)
  14. Solid Foundations Primary Pre-School
  15. Elite Secondary College
  16. St. Christopher’s Academy High School
  17. St Matthew’s Primary School
  18. Kiddies Haven Pre-Pre-School
  19. Maranatha Christian High School
  20. Little Professor Nursery Pre-School
  21. CrossRoad Christian Academy Primary School

Best Private Schools in Kempton Park and Their Location

Africa Academy Private Schools

  • Address: 114 Soetdoringlaan, Kempton Park

Little Leaders Private Nursery School

  • Address: 66 Dann Rd, Aston Manor, Kempton Park

St Matthews Private Primary

  • Address: 36 Sim Rd, Kempton Park

Supero Combined School

  • Address: 65 Kerk St, Kempton Park

Kempton Park Panorama School

  • Address: 1 Akasia Ave, Central, Kempton Park

Mandorren Academic & Sports School

  • Address: 123 Highveld Rd, Kempton Park

Edenica Independent Private School & After Care Centre

  • Address: 30 Duvenhage Street, Kempton Park

Con Amore-School

  • Address: Sable St, Estherpark, Kempton Park

Con Amore Early Intervention Centre School & Toy Library

  • Address: Sable St, Kempton Park

Curro Serengeti Academy

  • Address: Serengeti Golf & Wildlife Estate, Kempton Park

Ten Major Schools in Kempton Park

  1. Hoërskool Jeugland
  2. Hoërskool Kempton Park
  3. Rhodesfield High School
  4. Hoërskool Birchleigh
  5. Norkem Park High
  6. Sir Pierre van Ryneveld
  7. Shangri-La Academy
  8. Sonrise Christian School
  9. Cresslawn Primary School
  10. Maranatha Christian School

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