Journey to Advocacy: An Exclusive with Dr Ester of the Physics Department

In the academic landscape of the University of Ilorin, certain figures stand out for their undeniable impact on student life.


One such individual is Oloru Ademola Abdulhameed, better known as Dr Ester of the Physics department. A passionate advocate for student success and a bridge between students and the administration, Dr Ester embodies the spirit of collaborative growth.


In this exclusive interview with schoolroomnews, he delves deep into his personal journey, his aspirations, and the ways he hopes to reshape the student experience for the better.

Dr Ester is an aspirant of a senatorial seat to represent the faculty of physical sciences, Unilorin.

Can you please share a brief background about yourself and your journey in the University of Ilorin so far?

I am Oloru Ademola Abdulhameed, commonly known as Dr Ester. I am a 200-level student in the Physics department at the University of Ilorin. Since my first year, I’ve been committed to the success of my peers, compiling useful materials that have consistently aided their academic pursuits. I am continually striving to contribute both socially and academically.

What inspired you to run for the position of senator in the faculty of physical sciences?

I’ve always felt comfortable and confident in legislative roles. I am passionate about being a bridge between my peers and the executives, particularly as a voice for the students.

How do you plan to represent and support the unique needs and challenges of the physical sciences faculty?

I intend to serve as a personal assistant to every student. My vision includes modernizing our faculty library with essential resources such as textbooks and ensuring it’s a conducive environment for studying.

Additionally, I’m committed to maintaining a clean faculty environment, including the restrooms.

What are your top three priorities if you get elected?

  • Ensuring the academic success of my peers.
  • Preparing students for life after graduation.
  • Introducing them to the technological world.

How do you envision fostering collaboration between different departments within the faculty?

I believe in strengthening collaboration between departments through their class representatives and departmental presidents, promoting unity within the faculty.

How would you promote research and innovation within the faculty?

By educating students about technology and its significance. After all, technology applies scientific knowledge for practical benefits, greatly impacting our education.

What steps will you take to ensure transparency and open communication with your constituents?

I intend to establish a group named “Have a Talk with Your Senators” to facilitate open conversations and understand student needs.

How do you plan to involve students in decision-making processes affecting the faculty?

I propose creating a decision-making committee with representatives from each department to ensure diverse perspectives.

What is your stance on sustainability and environmentally-friendly practices within the faculty?

I am a strong proponent of sustainable practices. I plan to launch “Operation Connect,” a platform where students can engage both academically and socially, sharing eco-friendly ideas and strategies.

How will you ensure that student concerns and feedback are actively addressed?

By utilizing notice boards for updates and broadcasting vital information to ensure every concern is promptly addressed.

Are there any ongoing issues in the faculty that you believe have been overlooked, and how do you plan to address them?

One major concern is the inadequate data connectivity in the physical sciences lecture theatre. I plan to bring this issue to the forefront during our meetings and also work on enhancing our faculty libraries.

How would you advocate for the physical sciences faculty on larger university-wide issues?

By actively engaging in university-wide meetings, building strong alliances with other faculties, and ensuring the concerns of the physical sciences faculty are heard and prioritized.

What strategies do you have in place to seek and secure more funding for faculty programs and initiatives?

I will engage with alumni, research potential grants, and explore partnerships with tech companies and other relevant industries to secure funding.

How will you handle conflicts or disagreements within the faculty or with the university administration?

Through open dialogue, understanding diverse viewpoints, and seeking mediation or third-party intervention when necessary.

Lastly, can you share a personal experience from your time at the University of Ilorin that shaped your perspective and goals for this role?

During my first year, I observed many students struggling with accessing quality study materials. This led me to compile and share resources, solidifying my belief in the power of collaboration and community.

This experience fuels my passion to serve and advocate for the betterment of all students.


Throughout our discussion, Dr Ester’s commitment to student welfare and his dedication to fostering a conducive learning environment are evident.

His aspirations, combined with his past endeavors, position him as an influential voice within the University of Ilorin’s community.

As he continues to pave the way for more collaborative, transparent, and technologically advanced academic environments, we at schoolroomnews believe that the future of the Physics department, and the university at large, is in capable hands. We look forward to seeing the transformative impact of his efforts in the coming years.

Date of Interview: 16th August, 2023.


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