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Sequin gowns are probably some of the flashiest gown styles you can wear to weddings and steal the show in Nigeria. In the last ten years, fashion in Nigeria has undergone incredible growth, with people abandoning the old school, saggy, plain lace gown styles for better gown styles like the sequin gown.

Why are sequin gowns called sequin gowns? Have you ever wondered about this? Well the answer to that question is quite interesting, if you ask me. Sequin gowns are called sequin gowns because the gowns have small, shiny discs, called sequins attached to them.

The effect that sequins create in a fabric cannot be underestimated. Sequin gowns will literally bring all the shine on you. Why do Nigerians enjoy wearing sequins? Nigerians are party lovers, and sequin gowns are a style of gowns that is suitable for almost any occasion.

In order to broaden your range of sequin gown styles and help you attain the maximum potential of sequin gowns, we have written this article to list as many sequin gown styles as we can find.

Latest Sequins Gown Styles

Latest Sequins Gown Styles

As the name implies, these represent the most recent and voguish designs in the world of sequin gowns in Nigeria. They often encompass a mix of contemporary trends with classic styles, ensuring that wearers are both in vogue and timelessly elegant.

This category is ever-evolving, with new designs emerging based on seasonal fashion trends and innovations by Nigerian designers.

Sequin Gown Styles

This category is a broad overview of all styles that utilize sequins in their design. From long, flowing dresses to shorter cocktail attire, if it shimmers and shines due to sequins, it falls under this style. These gowns are suitable for a variety of occasions, from casual parties to upscale events.

Sequin Gown Styles for Wedding

Sequin Gown Styles for Wedding

Weddings demand a certain opulence, and sequin gowns deliver just that. Whether you’re the bride, a bridesmaid, or a guest, sequin gowns designed for weddings often feature intricate patterns, elegant silhouettes, and a touch of grandeur. They perfectly encapsulate the festivity and reverence of wedding ceremonies.

Short Sequin Gown Styles

Short Sequin Gown Styles

Perfect for those who wish to show off a bit of leg, these gowns are typically knee-length or shorter. They’re ideal for cocktail parties, clubbing, or any event where a fun, flirty, yet sophisticated look is desired.

Their length gives them a youthful appeal, and the sequins ensure they remain glamorous.

What is considered a Sequin Dress in Nigeria?
While ‘gowns’ often denote a full-length outfit, dresses can vary in length. In Nigeria, sequin dresses, like their gown counterparts, are adored for the sparkle they bring. They can range from mini to midi lengths, and their versatility ensures they’re a favorite for various occasions.

Gold Sequin Gown Styles

Gold Sequin Gown Styles

Gold, as a color, exudes luxury, wealth, and sophistication. When combined with the glimmer of sequins, it results in a gown that’s nothing short of regal. Gold sequin gowns are often chosen for events that require a touch of magnificence, like gala nights, red carpet events, and grand celebrations.

Velvet Sequin Gown Styles

Combining the plush, rich texture of velvet with the glint of sequins results in a gown that’s both opulent and comfortable. These gowns are warm, making them perfect for cooler evenings. The velvet gives them depth and a tactile appeal, while the sequins ensure they catch and reflect light beautifully.

Velvet Sequin Gown Styles

Where to Shop for Sequin Gowns in Nigeria

Where can I buy sequin dresses?

Honestly, we recommend that you sew custom made sequin gowns that perfectly fit your body shape, instead of purchasing them directly. However, here are some places to buy sequin gowns in Nigeria:

Online platforms: With the digital age, stores like Jumia, Konga, and ASOS have a plethora of sequin gown styles at your fingertips.

Boutiques and Department Stores: If tactile shopping is your preference, renowned stores like Zara, H&M, and Debenhams in Nigeria house an impressive collection of sequin gowns.

Custom Dressmakers: For those envisioning a unique piece, custom tailoring by Nigeria’s skilled dressmakers ensures a sequin gown that mirrors your persona.


We hope that this article satisfied your search intent of Sequin gown styles. If not, kindly leave a comment and we will help you with proper guidance.

Nigeria’s sequin gown styles stand testament to the nation’s ability to blend tradition with contemporary fashion. As sequins continue to define and refine the Nigerian fashion tapestry, one thing’s certain – they’re here to stay, and shine!

FAQs – 50+ Sequin Gown Styles in Nigeria

  1. When did sequin gowns become popular in Nigeria?
    Sequin gowns gained prominence in Nigeria during the 1980s and 1990s, becoming a mainstream fashion choice by the 2000s.
  2. What are the origins of sequins?
    Sequins originated in ancient Egypt, where they were made from precious metals and used as embellishments.
  3. Which sequin gown style is best for a formal event?
    Ball gown and sheath sequin gowns are typically preferred for their elegance and sophistication at formal events.
  4. Can I get a custom-made sequin gown in Nigeria?
    Absolutely! Nigeria boasts numerous talented dressmakers who can craft a sequin gown tailored to your preferences.
  5. Are sequin gowns suitable for daytime events?
    Yes, while they’re known for their glamour at nighttime events, choosing subtle sequin designs can make them apt for daytime occasions as well.

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