LASU Fees Payment Portal Guidelines

Lagos State University (LASU) is one of Nigeria’s foremost institutions of higher learning, offering a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Ensuring a seamless payment process for tuition and other fees is crucial for students to maintain their enrollment status and access university services. This article provides a comprehensive guide on how to navigate and utilize the LASU Fees Payment Portal.


Accessing the LASU Fees Payment Portal

  1. Visit the Official Website: Start by visiting the LASU official website at
  2. Locate the Payment Portal: On the homepage, find and click on the ‘Student Portal’ or ‘Payment Portal’ link. This will direct you to the fees payment section.

Logging In

  1. Enter Login Credentials:
    • For returning students, use your matriculation number and password to log in.
    • For new students, use the application number provided during your admission process.
  2. Forgotten Password: If you forget your password, there is usually a ‘Forgot Password’ option. Click on it and follow the instructions to reset your password via email.

Navigating the Payment Portal

  1. Dashboard Overview: Upon successful login, you will see the dashboard displaying various options such as ‘Pay Fees’, ‘View Payment History’, and ‘Print Receipts’.
  2. Fee Breakdown: Click on ‘Pay Fees’ to view a detailed breakdown of the fees required for your program and academic session. This breakdown typically includes tuition, accommodation (if applicable), departmental dues, and other miscellaneous fees.

Making a Payment

  1. Select Payment Method: LASU offers several payment methods including:
    • Online Payment: Using debit/credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, Verve).
    • Bank Payment: Generate a Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR) and pay at any designated bank branch.
  2. Online Payment Procedure:
    • Select ‘Online Payment’.
    • Enter your card details (card number, expiry date, CVV).
    • Confirm the payment amount and proceed.
    • After successful payment, a receipt will be generated. Print or save this receipt for future reference.
  3. Bank Payment Procedure:
    • Select ‘Bank Payment’.
    • Generate and print the Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR).
    • Visit any designated bank branch and present the RRR to the cashier.
    • Make the payment and ensure you collect the payment receipt.
    • Return to the LASU Payment Portal and enter the RRR to confirm your payment.

Confirmation and Receipt Printing

  1. Payment Confirmation: After making the payment, whether online or at the bank, log in to the LASU Payment Portal to confirm your payment status.
  2. Print Receipt: Navigate to the ‘Print Receipts’ section to download and print your official payment receipt. This receipt serves as proof of payment and should be kept safely.

Troubleshooting and Support

  1. Payment Issues: If you encounter issues during the payment process, such as unsuccessful transactions or incorrect fee amounts, contact LASU’s support services. The contact information is usually available on the payment portal.
  2. Technical Support: For technical difficulties, such as login issues or portal navigation problems, reach out to the ICT department of LASU for assistance.

Tips for a Smooth Payment Experience

  • Early Payment: Avoid last-minute rushes by paying your fees early. This reduces the risk of encountering issues close to deadlines.
  • Accurate Information: Ensure all your personal and payment information is accurate before confirming transactions.
  • Receipt Safekeeping: Always print and keep your payment receipts as they are vital for resolving any future disputes.


Paying fees at LASU is a straightforward process when following the guidelines provided. Utilizing the LASU Fees Payment Portal ensures that students can handle their financial obligations efficiently, allowing them to focus on their academic pursuits. For any further assistance, always refer to the official LASU website or contact their support services.


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