Do Law Students Go For NYSC?

Introduction – Do Law Students Go For NYSC?

Determining the course of study that aligns with one’s career aspirations often poses several questions. For law students in Nigeria, one crucial question often asked is: “Do law students go for National Youth Service Corps (NYSC)?” This article provides a detailed answer to this question and additional information regarding studying law in Nigeria, NYSC, and related topics.


National Youth Service Corps (NYSC)

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) is a program established by the Nigerian government in 1973, during the Nigerian Civil War. The primary aim of the NYSC program is to promote unity, understanding, and national integration among Nigerians (National Youth Service Corps, n.d.). This mandatory one-year program targets fresh university graduates. However, some exceptions are applicable, such as being older than 30 years at the time of graduation or having a legitimate excuse.

Law Study in Nigeria


Studying law in Nigeria typically spans seven years. Five of these years are spent earning a degree from an accredited law faculty in a Nigerian higher institution. Following this, students proceed to the Nigerian Law School for two years (Legal Education Council of Nigeria, n.d.).

In a bid to maintain a high level of discipline and professionalism, law faculties in Nigeria enforce a dress code. Male students are required to wear white shirts and black trousers, while female students wear white shirts and black skirts.

Law Students and NYSC

After successfully completing the Nigerian Law School and passing the Bar Examination, law graduates are called to the Bar, signifying their eligibility to practice law in Nigeria. After this milestone, the question arises, “Do Law Students Go For NYSC?”

The answer is a resounding yes! Law students, like other graduates from Nigerian tertiary institutions, are required to participate in the NYSC program. It is important to note that participation in the NYSC program follows completion of law school, not the other way around. In other words, law graduates go to law school first before participating in the NYSC program (National Youth Service Corps, n.d.).

Moreover, the NYSC strictly warns against running the Law School program concurrently with the NYSC program.


Law students, upon successful completion of their program and attainment of their certificate to practice law in Nigeria, are required to participate in the NYSC program. This program, while offering a platform for national service, also presents opportunities for graduates to garner experience in various sectors, expand their professional networks, and contribute to national development.

Key Takeaways

  • Law students in Nigeria are required to participate in the NYSC program after completing their law school program.
  • The NYSC program is a mandatory one-year program for all graduates of tertiary institutions in Nigeria, including law students.
  • Law graduates are advised to participate in the NYSC program after law school, not before.


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